Dabble's Judge Swanny - Bad Beat #2 - Caleb Windsor
App29 Apr 2024

Dabble's Judge Swanny - Bad Beat #2

Guess who is back and better than ever? That is right, it is none other than Judge Swanny, bringing the heat with another round of epic justice! 👨‍⚖️

These articles are seriously our faves, like ever! We mean, what is better than putting a smile on our Dabblers’ faces after they have might have copped a bad beat over the weekend, right?

Now, there is no time to waste. Let’s dive straight into the juicy deets of which markets caught Judge Swanny’s eye this time around. But, hey we are not going to leave you hanging – here is a sweet vid to spice things up 🌶️.

Now, let’s recap the markets getting some sweet, sweet lovin’ from Judge Swanny:

  • Caleb Windsor, 15+ disposals for the Demons in the Richmond showdown on Wednesday night.

  • Darcy Wilmont, 15 + disposals for the Lions in the Giants showdown on Anzac Day.

  • Tom Mitchell, 20 + disposals from the Magpies in the Bombers showdown on Anzac Day.

These were some of the biggest footy games across a massive week of footy, and we know Judge Swanny’s refunds are gonna be a game changer for anyone who had ‘em in their multis. You can thank us later 😉.

Oh, and quick heads up! If you missed our last article on how Judge Swanny works his magic and your multi can be saved by the one and the only, check it out here.

So, if you find yourself staring down the barrel of a busted multi this weekend, don’t sweat it! Head on over to 'X' and plead your case! Just don’t forget to tag @Swandane and @Dabblecomau, if you want to have your bet reviewed by the darn best judge in town!

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See you next week in the purple court. 🏛️

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