The Dabble Social Form Guide
App19 Sep 2023

The Dabble Social Form Guide

Well, Spring has certainly sprung, and just like with any changing of the seasons, there's a new set of tips (or form guide, if you will) to follow to ensure you make the most out of the next three months. The elves here at Dabble have been working hard and we present to you “The Dabble Social Form Guide”.

Here you will find all the important tips for a successful Spring. Make sure you read through all 100 tips carefully, you don't want to be the odd one out. All are just as important as each other if you plan on coming out of Spring a winner, winner chicken dinner.

So, without further ado, here's our Spring Social Form Guide:

Dabble Spring Tip #01 – Know your limits.

Unlike Mean Girls, the limit does exist, and it's stressful when you don't know where it is.

Dabble Spring Tip #02 – Always wear sunscreen.

The sun still bites in Spring, yes even if it is cloudy ⛅. Sunburn isn't a look you can make work.

Dabble Spring Tip #03 – No bet shaming.

There are some things that are just off limits. Not the way you dress. Not family. But yes, your bet. Bet shaming is off limits.

Dabble Spring Tip #04 – Always remember the Dabble Community is here for you.

Get into Banter and share all your tips, get followers and get copies. We’re in this together!

Dabble Spring Tip #05 – Always avoid the neigh-sayers.

You're amazing just the way you are and remember that we love you ❤️.

Dabble Spring Tip #06 – Copying someone else can be annoying.

Unless you're on Dabble, that is. Then it's encouraged, you can use our Copy Bet feature.

Dabble Spring Tip #07 – Be sure to live life to the fullest.

Make sure that whatever elevator you get into, press all the buttons🛗. Enjoy the ride.

Dabble Spring Tip #08 – Follow Rory Flanagan for racing tips.

No one likes working, you do enough of it at work. Let Rory Flanagan take the work out of finding winners for you. You won't even have to buy him a beer for helping you find winners.

Dabble Spring Tip #09 – Don't be too social.

Especially when catching public transport🚆. Don't be that person, respect everyone's personal space.

Dabble Spring Tip #10 – Never bet alone this Spring.

Chat and bet with virtual mates through our Banter channels!

Dabble Spring Tip #11 – Always keep 7-8pm free on Wednesdays.

It's Dabble's first Live Stream of the week – Jake's Take. Jake Barker-Daish is entertaining as hell. You'll thank us later.

**Dabble Spring Tip #12 – It's Spring Racing not just Racing (and E-scooters). **

Spring racing is extra special, you know it and we know it! So strap yourselves in and get ready for the ride that is Spring Racing.

Dabble Spring Tip #13 – Always check for omens.

There are omens everywhere, you just need to know where to look, or sometimes you'd have to be blind not to see it!

Dabble Spring Tip #14 – Work smarter with Copy Bet.

Don’t work harder, just use our Copy Bet feature to easily find top-notch bets to copy🤗.

Dabble Spring Tip #15 – Remember your headwear on race day.

Especially the ladies. But there's certainly nothing stopping the gentlemen! Top hat anyone?

Dabble Spring Tip #16 – Embrace and nurture your ideas.

And if you've got any cool new ideas for Dabble, let us know in the feedback Banter channel!

Dabble Spring Tip #17 – Never go the early crow.

It is the cardinal sin really. Why would you do it? Jinxing things like that?

Dabble Spring Tip #18 – Always keep your options open.

We've got Sky Racing 1 AND Sky Racing 2 on the Dabble app.

Dabble Spring Tip #19 – Know how you're getting home after race day.

Public transport is always a good option. If you have a designated driver, make sure you don't annoy them throughout the day, they may very well leave you at the track.

Dabble Spring Tip #20 – Always get your social fix from the comfort of home.

With Dabble, you'll never have to bet alone! There are always heaps of people to follow and Banter channels to visit.

Dabble Spring Tip #21 – Don't forget that daylight savings is coming soon.

Don’t worry about changing your car’s clock forward one hour. Just wait until daylight savings ends so you don’t need to even touch the clock.

Dabble Spring Tip #22 – Write sick bet descriptions✍🏽.

Show everyone on Dabble you know what you're talking about, you'll look super clever, other Dabblers will be jealous.

Dabble Spring Tip #23 – Remember, a jockey's silk means nothing.

No matter how pretty it is. Same applies to the name of a horse, still won't influence the result.

Dabble Spring Tip #24 – Always keep your eyes peeled this Spring👀.

You never know what might take off in the Banter channels! IYKYK my good friends...🚀.

Dabble Spring Tip #25 – Remember that the pollen is out to get you.

Make sure you pack antihistamines. And make sure they aren't drowsy either.

Dabble Spring Tip #26 – No catfishing your mates with donkeys.

Catfishing doesn't just happen to humans, you know. But it doesn't matter about the animal, it's still just wrong.

Dabble Spring Tip #27 – Wait no more with Fast Withdrawals.

Want to go zoom? That's easy with Dabble's Fast Withdrawals. Get what you want when you want it.

Dabble Spring Tip #28 – Don't take your shoes off until you've left the track.

It doesn't matter how high your heels or how painful your shoes are. If you can't keep them on all day at the racecourse, you should choose another option. Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.

Dabble Spring Tip #29 – Follow The Cast Patrol for racing tips.

Talk about value, you're getting three for the price of one with The Cast Patrol. Although, Dabble doesn't charge you to see tips, so it doesn't really matter in the end 🤷.

Dabble Spring Tip #30 – Always use the filter functionality.

It means you can find things faster, and Dabble's filter feed helps you focus on what's important. And we all know what that is...

Dabble Spring Tip #31 – Don't take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Also, don't ask us how we found out about this, it's a secret. We're taking that one to the grave🪦.

Dabble Spring Tip #32 – Never follow someone into a dark alley.

Keep all your follows digital by using Dabble's Follow Others feature. Follow your friends or even sports stars. The options are endless.

Dabble Spring Tip #33 – Don’t bet track side If you lose small pieces of paper easily.

Get with the times! Digital is where it's at. Everything you need is in one place, on your phone – just make sure you've got enough battery.

Dabble Spring Tip #34 – Always check the weather before heading out on race day☁️.

Especially if you're heading out to a track in Melbourne. Actually, if you're going to a Melbourne track, the weather apps can't help you, just bring something for all four seasons.

Dabble Spring Tip #35 – Relax with Copy Bet.

Why waste your stress on doing the form? Especially when you can just use Copy Bet. There are more important things to stress about. Like where you're going to get dinner from. The important stuff.

Dabble Spring Tip #36 – Follow Clare Lindop for racing tips.

No need to study the confusing form guide. Just check what expert Clare Lindop is tipping.

Dabble Spring Tip #37 – Divide and conquer.

When at the racetrack, assign tasks to everyone, so you never miss any of the races. You get the drinks, we'll get the food, and old mate over there needs to go take some more selfies.

Dabble Spring Tip #38 – Never stop making new friends.

Use Dabble's Banter channels to find like-minded punters, share tips and copy bets and find winners together!

Dabble Spring Tip #39 – Write your number in Sharpie on your friend's arm 🖊️.

If you have a friend that likes to go on adventures without their phone when at the racetrack, this is the best way to find them again.

Dabble Spring Tip #40 – Never wait longer than you have to.

We know, waiting sucks🕗. But with Dabble's Fast Withdrawals, waiting is pretty much a thing of the past. How nice is that?

Dabble Spring Tip #41 – Always be prepared for a BBQ.

It's Spring time, us Aussies love a barbie, so you never know when someone is going to invite you over for a few snags🌭.

Dabble Spring Tip #42 – Follow Dean Watling for racing tips.

You've got more important things to do than reading a form guide, Dean Watling has got you sorted.

Dabble Spring Tip #43 – Dress like a winner👗.

It's something that is so simple to do. Just make sure you send pics of your ‘fit for approval from your mates before race day.

Dabble Spring Tip #44 – Never chase your losses.

We all like to joke around and have fun during Spring, but seriously just don't do it.

Dabble Spring Tip #45 – Celebrate your wins together.

Lifelong mates. People you just met at the pub. It doesn't matter who, celebrating is better together.

Dabble Spring Tip #46 – Be prepared to jump on the bandwagon if needed.

See trending bets by filtering your feed with Dabble. A win's a win, right? Doesn't matter when you jumped on (as long as it's before the race starts!).

Dabble Spring Tip #47 – Don't bet on a horse based on your star sign.

Unless it's an Aries♈, we all know they are competitive af. All other star signs, give them a miss, okay?

Dabble Spring Tip #48 – Follow Miles Pfitzner for racing tips.

Finding winners is in Miles Pfitzner's DNA, it's in his blood, it's what he bleeds. You don't need anything else this Spring.

Dabble Spring Tip #49 – The early punter gets the prime position.

So you're always able to get the prime position at the track when all the important races are run.

Dabble Spring Tip #50 – Always embrace your creative side.

It will come in handy when writing bet descriptions on Dabble. Or you can just use emojis, it's up to you.

Dabble Spring Tip #51 – Take lots of photos on race day📷.

And post it on social media. If it's not on social media, did it even happen?

Dabble Spring Tip #52 – Remember to set a deposit limit.

It's a useful tool! Just like a hammer, so simple yet versatile.

Dabble Spring Tip #53 – Always keep 7-8pm free on Thursdays.

Why? Because it's Live Stream time with Dabble, that's why. Specifically, it's Josh Jeans & Friends. The only thing that changes each week is the special guest star!

Dabble Spring Tip #54 – Follow The Leg Up for racing tips.

If you like winners, then you'll like The Leg Up. If you like The Leg Up, then you should follow them🏇.

Dabble Spring Tip #55 – Always get at least 8 hours of sleep every night😴.

You want to make the most of the longer days, make sure you've got enough sleep to take advantage.

Dabble Spring Tip #56 – Don't forget to be patient.

Unless you're with Dabble. Then waiting is for losers. Our Fast Withdrawals means you don't have to be patient.

Dabble Spring Tip #57 – Beware the phantom tipper.

Hindsight is 20/20. But that doesn't mean we want it pointed out to us all the time.

Dabble Spring Tip #58 – Don't wear stilettos if you're going to be on the grass👠.

That's just a rolled ankle (or two) waiting to happen. No one likes a rolled ankle, that's for sure.

Dabble Spring Tip #59 – Be prepared with Sky Racing.

You can't always watch what you want, so make sure you've got a backup. It's like trying to watch NRL in a Melbourne pub...🙄

Dabble Spring Tip #60 – Never walk out of the restroom smelling your hands.

It doesn't matter how good the hand soap smells, it's never a good look...think about it.

Dabble Spring Tip #61 – Don’t miss out on winners anymore.

Jump into Banter and let's all ride the winners home together😎.

Dabble Spring Tip #62 – Never leave someone hanging.

If they are trying to high-five you for backing a winner, make sure you actually high-five them! Same applies for fist-pumps.

Dabble Spring Tip #63 – Always share bets with others.

If you've got a hot tip in the next race, make sure you share it with everyone in our Banter channel.

Dabble Spring Tip #64 – Always swim between the flags.

The weather is warmer, you're going to the beach. You're going to swim between the flags. Simple.

Dabble Spring Tip #65 – Don't do a shoey as a celebration.

It’s not as funny as you think it is. It's just gross really. Leave that to Danny Ric, okay.

Dabble Spring Tip #66 – Always keep 12-2pm free on Saturdays.

This is when Dabble's Saturday Racing Live Stream is on. It's not something you can afford to miss.

Dabble Spring Tip #67 – Don't forget to take some time for yourself.

Spring is a busy time, but it doesn't mean you can skimp on a little bit of self TLC🛀.

Dabble Spring Tip #68 – Don't worry if the dog you backed didn’t win, blame the barrier.

It's almost always the barrier. Or sometimes it's one dog taking out another. That really sucks.

Dabble Spring Tip #69 – Follow Sam Hyland for racing tips.

Make things easy on yourself this Spring. Its Sam Hyland's job is to find winners, and he is good at his job.

Dabble Spring Tip #70 – Always get the office involved in Melbourne Cup sweepstakes.

Only Victorians get the day off, the rest of us have to work – why not have some fun with it!

Dabble Spring Tip #71 – Always focus on the things that matter🔎.

Focus is made easy with Dabble's filter feed. Filter out all the noise and focus only on the things you care about.

Dabble Spring Tip #72 – Don't talk about politics during a family dinner🍽️.

It almost never ends well; you don't need that drama in your life right now.

Dabble Spring Tip #73 – Follow Tai Ryan for racing tips.

The one thing everyone is aiming for in Spring? Backing a winner. Tai Ryan takes the guesswork out of backing winners.

Dabble Spring Tip #74 – Don't spend all day betting.

It's Spring, the sun is finally out, so make sure you go and enjoy it!

Dabble Spring Tip #75 – Embrace Copy Bet.

Copycats aren't always easy to deal with, but the Copy Bet feature certainly is!

Dabble Spring Tip #76 – Always buy a round if you have a big win.

Just make sure it's house, no cocktails🍹, or you'll have no winnings left.

Dabble Spring Tip #77 – Don't just shoot for the stars✨, shoot beyond that.

The limit does not exist, especially when you have access to Sky Racing with Dabble!

Dabble Spring Tip #78 – Don't worry if you've run out of paper, just print a blank word document.

Trust us, 60% of the time, it works every time. Those are odds you just can't pass on. Trust us, we're experts.

Dabble Spring Tip #79 – Never talk back to a security guard.

That's a sure-fire way to get kicked out of the racetrack (or any venue for that matter).

Dabble Spring Tip #80 – Always wear insect repellant when camping🏕️.

It doesn't matter how long you are outside; the mozzies will sense you (and your blood) from a mile away.

Dabble Spring Tip #81 – Don't worry about everyone else, go at your own pace.

Except if you're Dabble's Fast Withdrawals, then it's all about a need for speeeeeeeed🏎️.

Dabble Spring Tip #82 – Always check in on your mates.

That's what mates do. They always look out for each other, through thick and thin!

Dabble Spring Tip #83 – Always turn the lights off when you're not in that room💡.

You already know that power bills are going through the roof! Every little bit helps, you've got the power!

Dabble Spring Tip #84 – Don’t be a peanut.

Have fun in Banter, don’t be a peanut, we are all Dabblers after all.

Dabble Spring Tip #85 – Always wait your turn.

When in a queue, don't cut in. That's the worst kind of person.

Dabble Spring Tip #86 – Don't get racing tips from your mate's cousin.

They probably aren't an expert. Best to stick with the racing ambassadors here at Dabble.

Dabble Spring Tip #87 – Always keep 3-4pm free on Fridays.

It's time to knock-off with Josh Jeans on the Live Stream, tune in and start the weekend right.

Dabble Spring Tip #88 – Always fully charge your phone before the races📱.

Your phone is smart, make sure you are too. You can't always rely on portable chargers...

Dabble Spring Tip #89 – Don't worry about being popular and well-liked.

Unless you're on Dabble, then it's all about who has the most followers. You can follow anyone you like on Dabble. Boost your friend's or even a sports star's ego by following them on Dabble today!

Dabble Spring Tip #90 – Never be afraid to express yourself.

New to Banter? Why not make up a catch phrase? Follow us for more Banter tips.

Dabble Spring Tip #91 – Drink water, stay seggsy🚰.

That's right. Water is cool. You better drink it, if you want to be cool as well.

Dabble Spring Tip #92 – Don't forget to keep an eye on your mates.

That's why you are mates, you look after each other. If you think their betting habits have changed, speak up!

Dabble Spring Tip #93 – Make sure you know how much data your phone has.

Especially if you're going to stream Sky Racing on Dabble using 5G. You don't want to end up with a mammoth phone bill at the end of the month!

Dabble Spring Tip #94 – Don't stress if the horse you backed didn’t win, say you backed it anyway.

Who’s going to know! Fake it until you make it. A little white lie never hurt anyone, right? There's always next time.

Dabble Spring Tip #95 – Always drink within your means.

You don't want to end up on the 6pm news. Think about how disappointed your mum would be.

Dabble Spring Tip #96 – Never drive faster than the speed limit.

We know you like to live life in the fast lane. That's why we introduced Fast Withdrawals on the Dabble app.

Dabble Spring Tip #97 – Always check what Dabble's racing ambassadors are tipping.

Before placing any bets, check what the experts think! They're paid to know more about racing than you.

Dabble Spring Tip #98 – Don’t fake “bang”💥.

If you didn’t tip it to the whole Banter channel, it doesn’t count as a winner. Sorry, they're the rules.

Dabble Spring Tip #99 – Copy Bet lets you copy other’s form.

Oh, you didn’t do your own form? No worries, just copy someone who has!

Dabble Spring Tip #100 – Be proud of yourself😍.

You made it through all 100 of Dabble's Social Form Guide tips, well done! We'd give you a pat on the back if we could.

So, there you have it. The 100 tips to follow this Spring. Now you can go out and enjoy your Spring! You're welcome. And don't forget, we have other tips as well! We've got horse racing tips on all the key races, if you're in the mood for more tips.