Dabble's Judge Swanny - Bad Beat #1 - James Sicily
App24 Apr 2024

Dabble's Judge Swanny - Bad Beat #1

There is a new judge in town, and he is here ready to bring justice to the Dabble community from near and far. Y’all know we are always on the hunt here at Dabble to bring you all the best betting experience, and this is a testament to how much we love our community. 👨‍⚖️

Now, can you guess who this enigmatic new judge might be? Well, if you are already keeping tabs on Dabble’s socials then you might have already had a squiz at this very cool, very fresh promo video. But, if you did miss it, you know that we are already on it and embedded the video here for your entertainment.

Yep, it is none other than Judge Swanny, ready to lay down the law wherever there is justice to be served. Yeah, alright, alright, we know it is a bit cringe, but you know us – we are the reigning kings and queens of cheesy lines – don't at us 😉.

But hang tight, fam! Before you jet off, here are a few things that you should keep in mind, when it comes to submitting your multis for review.

Copped a bad beat over the weekend? 🤔

Missed your multi by a whisker? 🐈‍⬛

Every Monday morning, Judge Swanny is going to dive into the weekend’s ‘bad beat’ cases, ready to dish out justice and hook our punters up with some sweet, sweet refunds. Talk about a darn good way to get rid of those dreaded Monday Blues!

Wanna see Judge Swanny in action? You are in luck! Peep the video below!

Now, is the time to get cracking! Head on over to ‘X’ and plead your case! But don’t forget to tag @Dabblecomau and @Swandane, if you want to have your bet reviewed by the best in town.

T's&C's apply

Court is now in session! 🏛️

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