Dabbles Trending Tipster Rising Star - smitty6
App7 Dec 2023

Rising Star - smitty6

Smitty6 is an absolute legend, hands down. No doubts, no questions asked and that is on point blank period. 💅

Now, you may thinking, “Whoa, that is quite a statement to make”. And you know what? You’re spot on! Go big, or go home, right? And, that is precisely the type of energy that smitty6 has embodied, which has landed them on one of the coolest spots on the internet - the Trending Tipster’s community hub!

Can we get a whoop whoop? 🎉 Alright, alright, alright, maybe that was a tad cringe, we think we have given ourselves the ick. Now, let’s rewind for a sec and get to know smitty6 a lil better. Scrolling through smitty6’s profile highlights, it is crystal clear that they have a knack for boxed quinellas and trifectas. Racing? That is their jam, hands down!

Want to take a peak yourself? Open up the Dabble app on your phone and hunt down their profile in the search tab. Oh, and while you are at it, dive into the Banter channels for some top-notch chats with our Dabcommunity. Oh, and if you don’t have a Dabble account just stay tuned until the end of the article.

Now, if you took a peek at smitty6’s profile, you would have seen the stash of winning bets that they had lined up. But, let’s talk about those eye-catching ones - $21.00 odds for Judy’s Great, Fixed Each Way at Sha Tin. Plus, a whopping $585.00 for a 4-leg multi spread across 4 different races at the legendary Rosehill. 🤑

WAgreyhoundGuru dropped a comment “Wow. Huge dude”. And if we had to sum up this multi in three words, those would defs be our pick! Our Dabblers cheering on other Dabblers – now that is what our Dabcommunity is all about!

We might have been fashionably late to this smitty6 appreciation party, but hey, better late than never, right? We have got tons more Dabblers to highlight, so we better hustle on those articles. While you wait, don’t worry, we have got loads of exciting reads ready for ya!

And with that, we are signing off! Want more? All you gotta do is head to our Community Hub – yeah, you guys know we always bring the heat. But, as promised, if you are not part of the Dabble squad yet, here is your golden ticket 🎫 – the sign-up link.

Love yas!