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App24 Nov 2022

Rising Star - mmabetting23

Celebrate good times, come on! Get Kool and your gang around because it’s time to roll out the red carpet for an amazing Dabbler. Who is this magical Dabbler that is getting all the attention and praise today? None other than rising star – mmabetting23.

We know, we know, there are countless irresistible Dabblers, so why are we taking the time to talk about mmabetting23? What makes them so special? Why do we have to ask so many questions that we already know the answer to? To build the suspense? Yep, that’s one possibility...

Drumroll, please! Well, hold on to your hats Dabblers because the glorious mmabetting23 recently landed a juicy two leg multi at Warwick Farm on Wednesday November 23, at odds of $168. Spits drink everywhere Yep, you read that right - $168 – show me the money!

The first leg was a fixed win bet on Mcgeehan in Race 4, who as you obviously already know - got the chocolates, at odds of $21. That win alone would have been the talk of the town, but mmabetting23 wasn't going to rest on their laurels!

The second leg was another fixed win bet, this time on Walkin'talkin', in Race 5. And you guessed it, another win to complete what must have felt like Mission Impossible at the start of the day. But as you know in Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise always gets the job done, and that’s exactly what happened in mmabetting23’s multi.

With skills that kill (not literally, don’t worry), we simply had no choice but to build this article like a shrine to the great mmabetting23. If you missed out on this mind-blowing multi, turn your frown upside-down because it’s never too late to follow mmabetting23 and press that bell to get notified of new bets. Ding dong!

When mmabetting23’s bet does go bang, you’ll have to remember to shower them with endless praise in the comment section of their bet. Who doesn’t love a little kudos every now and again? We know we do – after all, we are only human.

So, stop slacking off! Give mmabetting23’s profile the once over, and let’s ride the winning wave together.