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App20 Nov 2022

Multi Moment - quentin14

We love a good multi every now and again. Massive multis are our bread and butter here at Dabble. But what’s better than landing a monster multi? Two monster multis? Three monster multis? Well, yes – but also landing them with a whole bunch of other Dabblers – then promptly partying like it’s 1999 again.

We saw quentin14’s multi that just went bang, and our jaws hit the ground faster than you can say Bob’s your uncle. Quentin14’s quest for glory saw them put together a five leg multi. While some would that’s a silly number of legs, we say it’s revolutionary and an inspiration!

It was late November, and the whole of Australia was getting ready for the sizzling heat of summer, but no need to wait 10 more days, quentin14 bought the heat early. There was no track discrimination in this multi, as the five legs were spread across three tracks – Taree, Townsville and Belmont.

All five of quentin14’s legs were fixed in bets – that’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Followers had to wait until 5pm for the first leg to kick off, but it’s kinda hard to build the suspense when you all already know what happens. Can’t knock us for trying though.

You get a win, you get a win, you get a win, you get a win, you get a win – you get the picture? The multi went bang thanks to Military Mission (Taree Race 7, at $3.80), Siren Rock (Townsville Race 6, at $2.25), Willinga Freefall (Taree Race 8, at $2.90), Yes Dream (Townsville Race 7, at $2.10) and finally Karalee Rocks (Belmont Race 7, at $2.50).

So, just how much cash were followers of quentin14 getting their mitts on, we hear you ask? Well, the multi was paying an eye-popping $130.18! We’re gonna need a bigger boat...

How’s that for a multi? Pretty good we reckon! We don’t need to spell it out for you, but just in case you’re still learning – go on and check out quentin14, and press that big ole “Follow” button. Let’s hunt that winning feeling together.