2022 The Everest Rocket Bet
App13 Oct 2022

2022 The Everest Rocket Bet

You get a Rocket Bet, you get a Rocket Bet, everyone gets a Rocket Bet! We know that Spring Racing Carnival is the bee's knees, and everyone wants to get in on the action. Not only does Dabble have as much action as Top Gun, but we are also offering our Dabblers a little something extra insert winky face here.

So, without further ado, let us introduce to you The Everest Rocket Bet. “Sounds profesh, but what do you actually get with this so-called Rocket Bet”, we hear you ask, probably. It’s actually pretty simple, it’s not rocket science.

This Saturday we are offering a Dabble Rocket Bet specifically for The Everest, which means you get $2.00 for Nature Strip to run top four (max. bet $25). How good? Very good – good enough for us to answer that rhetorical question we just asked...

Now you know about The Everest Rocket Bet, what do you do next? We think you already know the answer, but we are going to say it louder for the people all the way in the back. LET’S GET ON IT! We’re all going to jump on and ride Nature Strip all the way to the bank.