Popular Punters 24K Followers - ThomasBrasselWA
App19 Nov 2022

24K Followers - ThomasBrasselWA

As the great Mark Howard once said; “Build the man a statue!” While ThomasBrasselWA’s tips may not be as good as Boland’s 6/7, they are still pretty good – like hat-trick good. This is probably why he has over 24,000 followers already.

Into dish lickers? Then this is the guy for you, as his profile explains, he is a “WA Greyhound Racing Enthusiast”. Not into dish lickers? Then this is still the guy for you, as you will see on his profile, he bets on way more than just greyhound racing.

No racing code is off limits, and ThomasBrasselWA is prepared to climb the mountain of all three, for the glory of giving his followers a win (and to plant his flag at the top). This guy isn’t huffing and puffing when he makes it to the top – he's cracking open a cold one and admiring his work.

As his saying goes, “BACK TB, DRINK VB”. Couldn’t have said it any better ourselves! That’s the type of confidence we are looking for in a popular Dabbler. The type of Dabbler that would say “hold my beer, I’ve got this...” and the proceed to do something mind-blowingly amazing, in the eyes of us mere mortals.

These days everyone wants something for nothing, and on Dabble it’s no different, which leads you to ask, what exactly is on offer if you follow the great ThomasBrasselWA? Well, he is as active on Dabble as Olivia Newton-John was in her Physical music video, so let me hear your bet slips talk.

If the devil is in the detail, as they always say, then paint this guy red and give him some horns, because he’s got details galore in his bet descriptions. He’s got the confidence in his bets, and he wants to make sure you’ve got as much confidence as a someone rocking budgie smugglers right after Christmas.

Is ThomasBrasselWA on yet another hot streak? Probably. But you’ll have to check out his profile yourself – we can’t do everything for you! Don’t be Jabba the Hutt, give the man a follow. Yes, we have stooped to straight out insults now, and there’s nothing you can do about it, we are the ones typing the words...