Popular Punters 15K Followers - Scoot
App23 Nov 2022

15K Followers - Scoot

What can we say? We love jumping on the bandwagon – there's no shame in that! We’ve got some popular Dabblers on our app, so popular they could run for Prime Minister. Well, maybe not Prime Minister, but certainly a position in their local council...

There are so many popular Dabblers to get through. It’s like trying to choose who’s the GOAT NBA player! So where do we even start? We’re not even sure – but Dabbler Scoot seems like as good a place as any.

So, scoot on over, and let us tell you a little bit about the amazing Scoot. We know you don’t want to hear their life story, so we will skip to the good part of the movie – the epic fight sequence – also known as their Dabble journey.

So far, in the Life of Scoot (on Dabble), they have amassed over 15,000 followers. Scoot is a Dabbler of the people, and their mantra is found in their profile description; “Enjoy a punt and a drink. Chasing winners! Let’s find some and have some fun on the way.”

We love every single word Scoot wrote on their profile, all 18 of them insert heart eyes here. When we grow up, we want to be just like Scoot. Scoot is a true Dabbler, an Aussie battler that would give you the shirt of their back, which is why he is as popular as a Calypso on a hot summer’s day.

We love the Scoot. We follow the Scoot. Why don’t you follow the Scoot? Probably one of the most insightful questions we will ever ask in our entire lives. If our unfaltering love for Scoot hasn’t already convinced you to follow, plz check out this list:

  • They are cool
  • They have bets you can copy daily
  • They will take you on a Macca’s run (unconfirmed)
  • They have wicked bet descriptions you’ll love
  • They are kind
  • They will find value bets

Scoot doesn’t mind having a throw at the stumps or finding a horse that has some juicy each-way value. Multis or single bets, it doesn’t matter the type of bettor you are – there’s a little something for everyone! Finding winners is the name of the game, and we all know winners come in all different shapes and sizes.

If all this hasn’t convinced you, then we just can’t help – maybe you need professional help? Or maybe you can stop being a Grinch, search up “Scoot” and give them a follow to make sure you never miss their latest and greatest bets!