Popular Punters - 10K Followers - Jay1400
App8 Jun 2023

10K Followers - Jay1400

Guys, have you heard the news? No? Well, have you been living under a rock, or in a pineapple under the sea? Jay1400 just hit 10,000 followers on Dabble! Actually, their current follower count is 10,145 to be exact! This calls for an epic party, and you’re all invited. LOL JK, sorry to burst your bubble but unfortunately there actually will not be a party. This article, however, is the epitome of celebration, so let’s make the most of it!

Jay1400 has become the ultimate trendsetter in the Dabbleverse, and we couldn’t wait to jump online and write this article, purrrr. Now, you may be wondering what did the Dabble team have in store for Jay1400 to commemorate this momentous achievement?

Well, an iconic purple tick would be pretty cool, but hey, those VIP perks are reserved for the crème de la crème (I know you’re crying, and so are we). So, for now, it’s Jay1400’s world, and we’re just living in it, baby!

We like to think of Jay1400 as the cool kid at the party that knows all the trending dance moves (Jay1400, if you’re reading this, can we get some private lessons? Thanks in advance). Whether it is horse racing, NBA, AFL, or whatever 🤷 - you name it, Jay1400 has got you covered with a plethora of pending bets that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Not only does Jay1400 slay the game with their betting skillz that killz, but they also possess the gift of the gab and craft up some cracker bet descriptions. Move over Dabble, there is a new wordsmith in town! Will we still have a job next week, or will Jay1400 be taking over? We'd be lying if we said we we're just a little bit concerned...

One thing that sets Jay1400 apart from the rest is their active participation in the Banter channels – Have you ever joined one of our Banter channels? It is pure fiyaaa, and honestly, we are living for the chats that go down in Banter. Whether it’s cracking jokes, singing Kesha songs, or just engaging in friendly banter (duhh) that is what we do here at Dabble.

OMG, we almost forgot to mention some of the highlights of Jay1400’s time with us here at Dabble, how rude of us! There are plenty of banging bets to see if you visit Jay1400’s profile, but let’s talk racing! Armidale... trifecta... odds of $49. 30 lucky Dabblers copied this bet, so you know they woke up to a very, very nice treat.

From all of us here at Dabble, congrats, bravo, hooray, hats off to you Jay1400. You have climbed the Dabble ranks like a true champion. And, to all you other Dabblers, if you haven’t already, hit that follow button for Jay1400, what planet are you on? Obvs, not Dabbleverse...