Dabble x Moneyball
Investors6 Feb 2023

Dabble makes strategic acquisition of Moneyball

Dabble, one of Australia’s fastest growing wagering brands, have today announced the acquisition of Moneyball Australia.

The acquisition forms part of Dabble’s growth strategy to increase its demographic of social media savvy sports punters who want to enjoy an interactive wagering experience within a likeminded community.

Moneyball’s unique position as Australia’s first platform to offer daily fantasy sports, concluding in 2020 due to Covid and operating as a mobile-only bookmaker since 2021, made them an ideal acquisition option for Dabble.

In particular, the interactive community element associated with daily fantasy sports strongly aligns with Dabble’s unique and immersive social betting offering. Utilising social media elements similar to Twitter, WhatsApp and TikTok, Dabble provides an innovative platform for their expansive community who enjoy a more inclusive, social and engaging betting experience.

As a result, Dabble appeals to a younger generation of punters, with 80% of their customer base aged 18-35.

Moneyball customers will now have access to Dabble’s innovative product offerings and social network to enhance their social betting experience. This includes Copy Bet, the Banter Channel, Activity Feed and premium features such as access to Sky Racing within the platform (further information on these products can be found at the bottom of the media release).

Dabble CEO, Tom Rundle, said the acquisition of Moneyball demonstrated the exciting trajectory for the Dabble brand.

“Our offering as an inclusive, social and engaging betting experience is undoubtedly unique to the Australian wagering market. We are excited by the growth of the Dabble community that this acquisition will deliver.”

“With many of Moneyball’s customers already familiar with the community-based element of wagering via their strong daily fantasy sports background, we believe there is a tremendous alignment that will appeal to these customers, and make our community stronger.”

About Dabble Formed in 2020, Dabble is one of Australia’s fastest growing online wagering brands, offering markets across both sport and racing. By embracing social media functionality, Dabble creates an immersive social betting experience via a community of people who enjoy a more inclusive, social and engaging betting experience.

Through this functionality, Dabble provides an innovative platform that allows their engaged community of customers to interact, contribute content and ultimately share their experience together.

Dabble’s social betting experience is enhanced via three innovative products that are not provided by any other bookmaker, allowing for greater interaction and connection amongst Dabble customers:

Activity Feed In contrast to any other bookmaker, the first screen customers see with Dabble is an activity feed, not a betting market. This activity feed shows the latest bets and tips from followed accounts in a similar format to other social media platforms. The activity feed is the cornerstone of Dabble’s innovation, where customers can see the thoughts of other users, interact and copy their bets.

Banter Channels Dabble has a dedicated banter channels within its platform where customers can engage directly with each other to discuss tips, celebrate wins and commiserate bad beats. This creates a connected community, allowing customers to enjoy a social betting experience together.

Copy Bet Perhaps the most unique offering, Dabble provides the ability with one click to copy a bet from someone you follow. Nearly half of all bets taken by Dabble are via Copy Bet. This feature plays a key role in creating a shared experience as the community fires up when a multi with hundreds and sometimes thousands of copy bets has one leg to go.