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NBA18 Oct 2023

Top Aussies to Watch in the 2023-24 NBA Season

There are many reasons why we are super excited about the new NBA season – one of which is all the Aussies that are taking the NBA by storm! There are so many different storylines to play out with our Aussies in this season, and we can't wait to see how they perform!

Before the first game tips off, let us take you through a preview of the top Aussies to watch in the 2023-24 season. Can our Aussies make the difference in their respective teams and lead them to a playoff's appearance? All will be revealed over the coming months.

Check out all our NBA tips and preview of the top five Aussies in the NBA below:

1. Josh Giddey

You simply can’t go past Josh Giddey here. Giddey is coming off another breakout campaign and after being the Boomer’s best performer on the world stage, he looks primed to takeover. With Chet returning to the lineup, I think it helps Giddey and makes his game a lot easier this season than in the past.

He will fill it up across the stat sheet and could be a sneaky chance to lead the league in assists. The one thing to watch is what happens when it comes to the max contracts at OKC, because Giddey more than deserves one, but is there going to be one available when he’s due?

2. Ben Simmons

Don’t judge me, but I think this is the Ben Simmons bounce back season. Yes, it’s only been preseason games and offseason workout videos, but there’s one reason in particular that I think Ben might be back. His aggression. Throughout the on-court turmoil for Simmons and everything that happened off it, it was noticeable that he just simply didn’t want to attack anyone off the dribble.

Forget the outside shooting, his strength is his size and athleticism, and when he’s refusing to put heat on the rim, he isn’t effective. That looks to be a thing of the past early on and I think all Australian fans want to see that sustained so that he can join the Boomers in Paris

3. Josh Green

Another breakout player at the World Cup was Dallas young gun, Josh Green. Green found his way into the Mavs rotation through his energy and ability to spark things when the team needed it. He’s never going to have to worry about being a leading scorer, especially on a team with Luka and Kyrie, so it’s all about excelling in his role. That role is going to be trying to be elite defensively and knock down open shots. Not to mention how good he is out in transition and playing above the rim.

4. Jock Landale

Jock Landale lads at the Rockets with a chance to get consistent and significant minutes as the backup centre. Landale’s 4-year, 32-million-dollar contract came as a surprise to many, including Jock himself, but it shows just how highly valued he is amongst NBA peers. He still needs to work on finding that consistent knockdown from deep, but if he does that, he will get even bigger opportunities and blossom from there.

5. Xavier Cooks

Keep an eye on Xavier Cooks for the Wizards. They won't be competitive this season in terms of winning it all, but they will be young and fun to watch. He has an NBA game in terms of his length and athleticism and I think he could provide a great spark for this young team off the bench.

We told you our preview on the top Aussies to watch in the NBA was on point! If reading our preview has got you all fired up, make sure you head on over to the Dabble app, get all your bets sorted and share your thoughts in the Banter channel.