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NBA1 Dec 2023

Expert NBA Tips & Predictions: Weekend Starting 1st December, 2023

We're loving the excitement from the 2023-24 NBA season! Each week there are plenty of games for us NBA fans to sink our teeth into. Dabble’s experts will provide free NBA tips for each and every week of the 2023-24 NBA season, meaning you won’t miss a thing.

Our NBA predictions cover all the key factors of the game. So, if you are as obsessed with the NBA as the team at Dabble are, you have certainly come to the right place. Check out our expert NBA tips for the best games of the weekend (according to TheBoardBettor). And if you don't like words, here's a video of TheBoardBettor instead!

If you do like words, then we go you covered as well. Here's a transcript of the video below:

Let's get to the serious NBA stuff because things have been going pretty good for me over there at the moment. If anyone has any NBA specific questions, be it for games tomorrow or bets in general drop those in Banter as well.

But we have a rare instance here where we have a super busy Friday. Now, normally there's probably only two games on the Friday because of the way the scheduling works. But the in-season tournament, with the quarterfinals next week, means that the schedule is a little busier tomorrow for us, and provides pretty good opportunity.

I think my absolute favourite bet is already up thankfully on the Dabble app. So, I'm going to go and put that straight in now so that sitting in the bets tab for you guys. I will add a nice description to it as well in a little bit. Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow -11.5 at home to the Portland Trailblazers.

I think Portland have done pretty well on this East Coast trip so far. But this is just such a tough schedule spot, and I will you'll hear me scream schedule spots all the time when betting NBA because I think that that is by far the best opportunity to find an edge on some of these numbers.

In this instance you're getting this West Coast team who's played a couple of really hard fought games and had to play that really up tempo game against Indiana. We've seen all season long teams who have played the paces the following game they just don't have the legs.

It's really, really hard to back up after playing such a high tempo game, especially now when your cross country in a different time zone. These early tip offs really start to catch up with some of these West Coast teams. I think this is going to be that spot, so my absolute favourite bet tomorrow for the NBA going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers -11.5. I think this one creeps up at least 1 point, 12.5 maybe 13 before I tip off in that one, so that's one I would look at.

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TheBoardBettor's NBA Tip Cleveland Cavaliers -11.5
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If you're looking for a same game multi in there, I'd really be owning in on taking some Portland players unders as a same game multi option. Like I said I think that they're not going to have the legs to back this up. Malcolm Brogdon was huge in his return to Indiana. He's the guy I think that's going to struggle a little bit to back up in a game like this.

DeAndre Ayton's going to have a much different matchup this time around dealing with the Cleveland bigs inside as well. Maybe some Ayton unders, maybe some Malcolm Brogdon unders and of course just Cleveland any which way for me.

We told you our NBA tips and predictions were on point! If reading our NBA tips for the weekend starting 1st December has got you all fired up, make sure you head on over to the Dabble app, get all your bets sorted and share your thoughts in the Banter channel.