Dabble's Judge Swanny - Bad Beat #4
App15 May 2024

Dabble's Judge Swanny - Bad Beat #4

Judge Swanny is in the hizz house, can we get a hell yeah? HELL YEAHHHH! 🎤

Okay, okay, we probably could have toned down our entrance to this article a little bit, but hey what better way to kickstart Hump Day than with a little bit of cringe?

If you are new here and/or have been living under the rock, we have a very special new addition to the Dabble family, and he goes by the name of Judge Swanny. He is here to serve up justice for those bad beats that you might have experienced over the weekend that just might have turned your mood from 100 to 0 real quick. 💯

We have been keeping tabs on Judge Swanny’s justice refunds and if you want to check out some of the final rulings that he has already brought to the Dabble community then click right here. There’s heaps of tea to sift through, so grab a snack and get cracka lackin’.

Here is Judge Swanny’s newest bad beat video straight from our Instagram page:

And, we might not know a lot, but one thing is for sure, Judge Swanny has done it again! 🔥

Here is a recap of the markets that Judge Swanny refunded this week:

  • All markets on Valentine Holmes for 6+ points in the showdown between the Cowboys and the Titans! 🤠

So, if you had this prop in your multi over the weekend, then your mood might just go from 0 – 100 real quick. We know ours would... and if you didn’t but still coped a bad beat, remember that Judge Swanny is on your side. 🤑

So, if you find yourself staring down the barrel of a busted multi this weekend, don’t sweat it! Head on over to ‘X’ and plead your case! Just don’t forget to tag @Swandane and @Dabblecomau, if you want to have your bet reviewed by the darn best judge in town! T's&C's apply.

And, before you go, if you like what you see, and are not already part of the Dabble crew. Then click this link before you go and get started on your Dabble journey today!