Dabble Events Review - UFC 293 Meetup
App12 Sep 2023

Dabble Events Review - UFC 293 Meetup

What an electrifying day it was at Fortress in Chippendale for the Dabble UFC 293 Meetup Event! Dabble’s events team really pulled through with this one and had everything that a fight fan could ever dream of – literally. And, it was all rolled into one unforgettable day!

Now, where do we start? A screen worth the scene? Feasting like a beast? Playing hard, and winning big? How about let’s start with the epic big screen that our Dabblers had the privilege to watch the bouts unfold on. Picture this: a colossal 400-inch screen that literally felt like being in the front row at the Octagon – only without the fear of getting splashed by sweat or blood. We don’t think we have ever seen a screen that big!

But wait, the excitement didn’t stop there. How could we top that, right? A 400-inch screen is pretty epic, but free food and drink kept our energy high and our spirits even higher. Like, come on who doesn’t love some food and drink on the house? If you weren’t stuffed by the end of the day, you probably weren’t doing it right. We are talking mouth-watering bites 🍔 and ice-cold drinks 🍻 that hit the spot with each punch. Talk about a knockout combo!

As if the adrenaline from the epic fights wasn’t enough, we cranked up the excitement even more with free arcade games that had everyone feeling like a kid again. The air was charged with competition, and the nail-biting Speed Reactor Competition took it up a notch. A big shoutout to Jordan for clinching the win after a heart-pounding playoff against Same. That catch of the 10th rod had us all on our feet. Enjoy your trip to Melbourne and your exclusive training session with Jack Jenkins, Jordan.

Speaking of Jack “Phar Jack” Jenkins, though he suffered an injury in his fight, his warrior spirit remained intact – and so did our pride in him. We are already counting down the days until he makes his triumphant return to the Octagon.

We also had a host with the most for our UFC 293 event. We want to say a special thanks to TheBoardBettor for hosting this incredible event. Josh Jeans, you were missed, but our very own JC managed to fill those big shoes admirably. It truly was an event to remember! ❤️‍🔥

And that is a wrap. We cannot wait to do it all over again for the next big Dabble event. Curious to know what is in store? Well, you are in luck! Click here for the insider scoop. Until then Dabblers, keep those gloves up and your spirits even higher. 🥊