Dabble Events Review - The Dabble Grand Prix
App3 Apr 2023

Dabble Events Review - The Dabble Grand Prix

On Wednesday, March 29th, Auscarts in Port Melbourne played host to "The Dabble GP", a thrilling Mini Sprint Plus go-cart race between two teams - Lord Shaw Racing and Team Swan Racing. The event drew in a crowd of 150 spectators who were treated to an action-packed race, lots of food and cold beverages, and the company of Dabble Ambassadors including Dane Swan, Heath Shaw, Miles Pfitzner, and Jake Barker-Daish.

The race was intense, with 20 drivers vying for the top spot. In the end, KRUZEY emerged as the winner, closely followed by Tunna383 and DrNo. The excitement of the race was further enhanced by the addition of the Dabble GP Markets, where guests, spectators, and those watching from home could place bets on their favourite drivers and teams.

The event was painted purple, with Dabble theming everywhere you looked, including two life-sized cut-outs of Dane and Heath serving as popular photo backdrops. However, we have noted that Dane's cut-out appears to have gone home with someone, and we hope for nothing but his safety.

Josh Jeans was streaming the event live on our Live Streams as part of the Josh Jeans & Friends Show. Angry Dad and Dylan were the MCs for the evening, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the event.

Overall, "The Dabble GP" was a huge success, with fans and drivers alike enjoying the excitement of the race and the company of other members of the Dabble Community. The addition of the Dabble GP Markets added a new level of engagement for those watching from home, making it an event to remember.

If you want to take your FOMO to the next level, then check out the video below which includes everything that went down on the big day: