Dabble Events Review - State of Origin Game 3 Meetup
App17 Jul 2023

Dabble Events Review - State of Origin Game 3 Meetup

What a night Wednesday was, at The Sporting Globe on Kings Street Wharf! The Dabble State of Origin Meetup for Game III saw 100 of our Dabblers gather together, to cheer on their chosen team, share some banter…IRL, and create some unforgettable memories.

Hosted by our very own charismatic Josh Jeans, the evening was nothing short of electric. The room was awash with Blue Jerseys, with a sprinkling of Maroon. Josh's live stream became a centerpiece of the event, providing an interactive space for the community to connect on the app whilst seeing all the action that was happening, off-app. True to the Dabble spirit, the event brought together not just fans, but also some big NRL and State of Origin names. Chris Walker, Robbie Kearns, and Matt Bowen, lent an extra dose of excitement to the evening, chatting with guests, posing for photos, and even joining in on the epic live stream to share their insights on the game.

Olan Tekkers, another Big Name Dabbler in our streaming community, joined the party, along with The Cast Patrol. Seeing these people in person, provides another connection of the virtual and physical sides of Dabble merging together – which we absolute live for!

As the evening progressed, the beers flowed, and the atmosphere grew even more vibrant. A highlight of the night was the Tackle Count Competition, which saw a lucky Dabbler walk away with a limited edition, Custom Dabble Footy Jersey – and they were absolutely living.

With NSW taking out the win, the celebrations took on a whole new level. Dabblers reveled well into the night, enjoying the delicious food and drinks on offer, and commemorating the victory with some of their new Dabbler friends.

But the meetup wasn't just about the game; it was about the community that we've built at Dabble (which we wouldn’t have been able to do without your help 🫶). The event underscored the incredible camaraderie that makes our community so special. From sharing laughs over drinks, engaging in friendly debates about the game, to celebrating a shared victory, the community spirit was palpable throughout the night.

In the end, the Dabble State of Origin Meetup was more than an event. It was a celebration of community, a celebration of sport, and, most importantly, a celebration of our shared passion. Here's to many more Meetups in the future!

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