Dabbles Best of Banter - Smile Time - Live From a Banter Channel Near You
App8 Dec 2023

Smile Time - Live From a Banter Channel Near You

We have officially entered our vibe era, here at Dabble! And, if we have to be completely honest, we know that our era is ever evolving, adapting to our reality, but we might have to say this is probably one of our favourite eras yet. 💅

Obvs, we have been binging the new Love Island Australia along with the rest of Australia, and it got us obsessed with knowing what era we are in at any point of the day. Anyway, that brings us to today’s article, Smile Time – Live From a Banter Channel Near You.

Alright, if you haven’t tapped into the Banter channels yet, let us tell you – it is the spot where Dabble’s enigmatic presence brings the hottest vibes – quite literally. But, hey, our Dabblers? They are bringing vibes so spot-on; they could honestly give Dabble a run for their money.... Yep, we said it – no shade intended. 😎

While Dabble is known for their well-known and beloved Rocket Time, we have got a new player in the Banter channels serving up nothing but positive vibes and that is none other than our very own WoodsyOnARolla! Those Dabbles shoes might be hard to fill, but WoodsyOnARolla seems to be rocking the same size.

Smile Time has now entered the chat. WoodsyOnARolla dropped a comment that had the crowd going absolutely wild:

⏰ 😃 SMILE TIME 😃 ⏰

Drop a 😃 and Dabble will add one to your account.

Remember ☝️ per person. If you have 5+ already, time to use some!

And expected, the Dabblers were flooding the chat with an insane number (okay, maybe not millions, but close enough!) of 😃 emojis. That is what we call some serious positive vibes – maybe it is time to enter our positive vibes era, who knows?

One of the things that makes our community shine? The vibes are simply unmatched! We have experienced some incredible moments, but this one might just grab a spot in the top three most iconic Dabble moments – wouldn't you agree?

Big shoutout to WoodsyOnARolla, we are living for the vibes that you have bringing to our Banter channels. We hand-picked this gold star especially for you 🌟.

Want to be a part of Smile Time? Well, we mean who wouldn’t, duh? Open the Dabble app from wherever, whenever and jump in on all of the action. Don’t have an account? Let's get that sorted. Click this link to get started today!