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App9 Oct 2023

Multi Moment - woody1955

To infinity and beyond...

Woody1955 borrowed Buzz Lightyears Star Command Spaceship and took a trip to infinity and beyond with their epic multi that went absolutely BANG over the weekend. They caused some serious damage with this one – so you know that we had to run and grab our laptop and get to typing.

We can’t help but get all hyped up when it is time to pen down these Multi Moment articles – they are like a party for our keyboard! And, oh boy, when our Dabble community rocks the Dabbleverse, you know that you can hear the BANG from a mile away...

As we have well and truly entered Spring Carnival season you know that we are busy bees over here at Dabble HQ, but so has woody1955 – let us show you why.

A 2-leg multi... odds of $186.30... 2 nail-biting races... Now, that is a jackpot if we ever did see one! For 2 legs to conjure up some massive odds like that, well, you know that we just couldn’t resist giving woody1955 their very own article – it would be rude of us not too! The force as definitely on woody1955’s side on this one! 🏆

Alright, enough with the suspense (Mondays can be mysterious, right?). Let's break down this cosmic concoction:

  1. Beef Week Princess – Fixed Win – Lismore – Race 5, $10.00

  2. Zouologist – Fixed win – Hawkesbury – Race 8, $23.00

Now, you see what we mean when we say we were too stunned to speak! This type of win is not an easy one that is for sure, but woody1955 made it look like light-work. Hehe, we need to stop being so punny on a Monday!

And if this doesn't shout "Woody1955 is the bomb.com," then we don't know what does! Feeling adventurous? Hop onto the Dabble app and give woody1955 a follow. Who knows, lightning might strike twice, and if you hit that copy bet button, you're in on all the betting fun – because, you know, sharing is caring.

Not part of the Dabble space jam yet? Well, then you should take this as your sign! You are only a shooting star away – all you need to do is click this link and create your very own Dabble account. We promise it is going to be a blast!

Catch you in the Banter Channels. 🤝