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App26 Sep 2023

Multi Moment - sadaqy

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Today, we are serving up the freshest episode, streaming live on a screen near you – welcome to Dabble’s Trending Tipsters! In this episode, we are about to uncover a sizzling hot multi that set the Dabbleverse on fire 🔥. Our star of the show? None other than sadaqy – let's give them a round of applause!

This one is a real ripper – we even think that it should make an appearance in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! So, what’s the DL of this multi? The first chapter of this episode talks about how many legs sadaqy handpicked to send a BANG throughout the Dabbleverse.

10-legs babyyy! That is a whole lot of action packed into one multi! It is like trying to juggle with ten balls at once – and you know that is almost impossible. Each leg of this finely crafted multi added it’s own unique flavour to the mix, spicing things up like a culinary maestro.

If you think that 10-legs was the showstopper of this story, well, you would be wrong. Hold on to your hats because the odds of this multi were absolutely astounding – we think that these numbers have to be some of the highest odds we have ever seen here on our Trending Tipsters page. If you are craving more multi madness with odds reaching the moon, you know where to click! 🚀

Okay, sorry we get carried away sometimes. The odds for the 10-leg multi were sitting at $658.11. Yep, do you see why we are so flabbergasted! The sheer magnitude of these odds is enough to make your eyes widen in disbelief, and is a testament to sadaqy’s strategic genius in picking these legs and crafting a multi that yielded such an incredible return.

We almost forgot one very important part to this iconic story. That this wasn’t just any regular 10-leg multi. It was placed for the EPL – ah, the sweet symphony of the EPL, we can hear it right now. Sadaq has just officially joined the ranks of tactical punters who know how to navigate the ups and downs of this thrilling league.

And, with that being said, a round of applause is in order for sadaqy! Bravo, well done! Crafting a 10-leg multi with such astronomical odds is no small feat. If you like we you see, maybe you should head on over to the Dabble app and click that big ol’ follow button for our mate, sadaqy?

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In our hero sadaqy, we trust! 🫶