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App3 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - mickcoll25

“Just noise, white noiseee!” That is the soundtrack to this epic Multi Moment, and it is music to our ears.

It is a fabulous Friday in the Dabble HQ, and let us tell you the vibes are vibin’. We are defs in our vibes era’ (only good vibes and good company). Speaking of vibes – you already know that the Dabble app, especially our Banter channels and weekly livestreams, brings nothing but immaculate vibes. 🤌

But, we are not here to toot our own horn, matter of fact, we are here to shine our bright purple spotlight on the one and only mickcoll25. In a perfect world (or if we were Justin Bieber – either or), we would be able to get a statue made for them in honour. Unfortunately, all we have to offer is this fantastic article to celebrate their awesomeness. 🎊

We whip up fresh articles on the daily, showcasing our hottest Trending Tipsters, so stay tuned for more. Click here to catch up on the latest happenings in Dabbletown. But for now, let’s get back to the star of the show - mickcoll25

Their 5-leg multi was pure perfection - a chef’s kiss moment. It was totally out of this world (and, believe us when we say that because we don’t lie). Let us set the scene. Now, as well all know we are nearly at the home stretch of the Spring Carnival Season, so you guessed it! Yep, this multi was all about the races.

5-legs, 5 races, and odds that soared to the moon (literally). Want to know what the odds looked like? We have got the tea, and it is piping hot. We are talking a massive $205.07. Those numbers have us in our ‘wow wee’ era!

But what makes this Multi Moment even more spectacular is that all legs were fixed wins, and we absolutely love to see it! Picking five winners is no walk in the park, but mickcoll25 made it look like a breeze. We are thinking a zoom meeting might need to be in order to pick their brilliant brains.

Wow wee they absolutely slayed the game with this one and we totes think that you should open the Dabble app on your phone (if you don’t have it downloaded, then stay tuned to the end of the article) and hit that big ol’ follow button. We are hot and ready in our community era over here at Dabble (we are in so many eras, we love it), and become eBesties with mickcoll25.

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