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App23 Nov 2022

Multi Moment - Jonathon

What’s that Skip? It’s time for another magic multi moment article? Bloody oath it is! We don’t want to overact like a 15-year-old girl, but OMG have you seen this totally OTT multi from Jonathon, like seriously, no way?!

While landing a multi can sometimes feel as difficult as Year 12 maths, there are some that just seem to ace every test. Whether it be natural talent or hard-core studying, some Dabblers have what it takes to ride their hot streak all the way to the bank.

Jonathon’s multi moment had an international flair – so grab your passports, we are going to the land of the free and the home of the brave. One thing is for sure, Jonathon put on his big boy pants, as this was a four leg multi across the first four races at the Delta Downs track. And thanks to those pants (or his actual knowledge, we’ll never know...) the multi went bang – at odds of $207.06!

Want to know the details of the multi? Of course you do, let us break it down for you – old school style:

  1. Leg uno: A P Humor a $4.40 win chance, told so many bad Dad jokes all the other runners steered clear of them, making it an easy victory.
  2. Leg dos: Storm Breach a $4.60 place chance, stormed home and actually ended up winning the race.
  3. Leg tres: Alpine Mist a $3.30 place chance, was almost as fast as a Formula 1 car and it ensured Jonathon’s multi was three from three.
  4. Leg cuatro: Micajah at $3.10 win chance, (we can’t think of anything punny to say, please forgive us) completed the multi – and madness ensued.

It’s about now that you realise the multi could have gone bang for A LOT more if win odds were taken on all four legs. But we had to settle at odds of $207.06, how will we ever survive?! wipes tears with hundred-dollar bills

We wanted to build Jonathon a statue at the Dabble office in honour of his amazing work, but the boss said we didn’t have the budget, so we wrote this article instead. We got the raw end of the deal, if you ask us, but it’s all about compromise – apparently.

Nonetheless, we were still able to spread the word faster than wildfire, about just how amazing Jonathon is. So, don’t let FOMO get the better of you, search this bad boy up on the Dabble app, and follow him to see what his next move is. From there, all you have to do is press that “Copy Bet” button and wait for the money train to roll in. Choo, choo!