Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - grimZ
App16 Oct 2023

Multi Moment - grimZ

GrimZ is soaring high in their very own utopia this week, thanks to their Mid Week Success multi that just went BANG onto the Dabble scene! 🚀

And speaking of utopia, can we just take a moment to shout out Travis Scott’s latest drop – UTOPIA – the rap album that has been tearing up the charts in 2023. Seriously, guilty as charged, we have had it on repeat for months.

Now, let’s talk about this mind-blowing multi curated by grimZ. We are absolute FIENDS when it comes to a top-notch multi, and that is exactly why grimZ has earned a spot at the CIRCUS MAXIMUS of Dabble – our Trending Tipsters page! Like, come on, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this epic Dabble history?

We are in LOOOVE (or maybe it is just a Travis Scott kind of day🤔) with grimZ 10-leg multi that pushed the boundaries of the Dabbleverse (literally!). Curious about those odds? Hold onto your Dabble caps, it is a whopping $78.48! What about the chosen sport for this multi? Football, baby. Or as we would call Down Under – Soccer. ⚽

GrimZ must be from GOD’S COUNTRY because this multi was spread across not one, not two, but four different football leagues 🤯 - English League 2, English League 1, English Championship, and UEFA Champions League. Talk about an all-star lineup!

Ready to dive head-first into the action? Open the Dabble app on your phone (or risk the inevitable FOMO – your call!). Check out grimZ’s profile for a treasure trove of hot bets and multis. Feeling cheeky 😛? You might just want to copy a few. Since it is Monday, let’s show some love and back our best mates – who knows, maybe you and grimZ can join forces and create a betting MELTDOWN.

Alright, enough Travis Scott talk (for now). Hats off to you grimZ! That is how we do things around here, and we are pretty sure that we will be seeing you round the Dabble ends again.

Feeling that dreaded twinge of FOMO? Hey, we get it... we’re kind of feeling it too, brb. But guess what? It is never too late. As Travis Scott once wisely said, “Now, I’m takin’ my time, I’m opening my mind”. The Dabble community waiting with open arms. All it takes is one click. After all, Dabble is the where the real party is at when it comes to social bets, and if you want to learn all the deets, we have got you covered right here.

Lots of love, Dabble 💜