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App10 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - ftpbee

1800 DABBLE called and asked for their BANG back...

Welcome to our Trending Tipster’s community hub, where the spotlight shines on our freshest and fiercest Dabblers, showcasing their multi masterpieces that send shockwaves through Dabble Island. We are all about celebrating and backing our mates’ victories, and this is the playground where we deliver the hottest tea, in true Dabble Island style.

But hold up, wait a minute, guess who is making their grand entrance. Cue drumrole It is none other than ftpbee – the latest sensation to sashay into the Dabble villa, armed with an explosive 8-leg mutli boasting mouthwatering odds of $150.86!

Ftpbee, a daring Dabbler with a penchant for the punt and an unapologetic taste for risks, has just thrown the gauntlet. And, let’s be honest, their audacity is as refreshing as an ice-cold bevvy on a scorching day. 🧃

Here is the lowdown, 1800 DABBLE style. Ftpbee’s epic multi unfolded at the legendary Ipswich, backing 8 of the boldest contenders. Here is the squad: 9. Miss Bittersweet – Race 1, 2.Taupo Tiger – Race 2, 2. Upper Class Girl – Race 3, 3. Kobe Lad – Race 4, 1. Summer In Siam – Race 4, 3. Aiden – Race 6, 4. Uncle Russ – Race 6, 1. Boomi’s Buddy – Race 8.

Can we talk about assembling a lineup as stellar as Ipswich’s finest? Kind of like what Dabble does best – curating the coolest betting haven in town. 😉

But hold onto your bets, because this is only the opening act of what ftpbee has in store for us. What’s up their sleeve? Well, that is a show you definitely won’t want to miss, and we are here front and centre to catch every heart-pounding moment!

We love how we never know what to expect, when it comes to Dabble, but honestly that is the fun of it. That is the Dabble way, and that is what keeps the Banter Channels buzzing with the hottest bants. Haven’t dipped your toes in yet? You’re missing out on a tidal wave of fun, and who knows, you might just spot ftpbee mingling in the mix – because Dabble island is where the fun never stops.

Okay, we are kinda getting cringe. In case you have been living under a rock (or on another Island that’s not as cool), Dabble is the best social betting platform that has got everyone talking. So, if you haven’t signed up, then where you at? 🏝️

Congrats ftpbee for being another Dabbler to provide us with a mind-blowing multi moment. Remember, the next BANG might just be a click away.