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App18 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - canzkid

Welcome to the 31st edition of Dabble’s finest Multi Moments. Welcome back, if you’re new here this is THE hottest spot on the web to stay up to date with the best moments within the Dabble app. Seriously, what more could you ask for? 🔥 Want to check out some of our other finest Multi Moments? Click here!

Now let’s talk about canzkid – the new kid on the block. Move aside Jenny (much love 🫶), because canzkid is here to make some serious waves! Wondering who this multi maestro is? Well, don’t worry because we have the insider scoop, and trust us, it is pretty epic. Canzkid came through with a massive dollar dazzler – our acronyms just keep getting better with time (even though we will give credit to canzkid for that one). How much was this multi paying? Well, if you want those numbers, you might have to check out their profile.

Nah, we are just joking we won’t keep you hanging. A massive $130.41. Talk about some serious multi skills right there! Hats off to you canzkid.
But that all depends on how much you put on the bet, are we right? Or are we right? Canzkid loves a punt on the horses and races, but they also like to dabble in a little bit of sports as well.

Now, we are gonna get a little real and maybe a little bit emotional for a sec. This epic multi received zero copies. We would have thought that maybe just maybe, on brave Dabbler would have taken the plunge. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reality...

We would also like to take a moment to appreciate some of the names of the horses in this multi were absolutely epic. You guys know how much we love a good horse name. A few honourable mentions go to sir “Snowalot”, “Telecom Fighters”, and “One For All” and all for one, baby.

Keep shining your bright light on the Dabble community canzkid. We’ve got massive hopes for you, and we know that you are destined for greatness!

Oh, but wait, there is more! Did you know that you can now share your hottest bets with your best mates! Because at Dabble, we believe sharing is caring, and we are all about spreading that L O V E. If you haven’t already (but we’re pretty sure you have, cause who hasn’t?), here is the link to join in on all the red-hot Dabble action – and maybe even gain some bragging rights with your mates. 🍻

Cheers to that! Until next time, keep slaying those fiyaaa multis. x