Heating Up With Same Race Multis - Bangbaby
App23 Aug 2023

Heating Up - Bangbaby


What an absolutely wicked and quintessentially Dabble username! It is giving us all the vibes it needs to give. And just so you know, Bangbaby didn’t make it to the Trending Tipsters community hub for their username alone. Nope, they lived up to the name and had us all wanting to join in on all their fun.

By now, you guys should be aware that we have kicked off a brand new segment in our Trending Tipsters section called “Heating Up With Same Race Multis”. Why, you ask? Because we are absolutely stocked about our Same Race Multis feature, and our Dabblers have been serving up some absolute cracker Same Race Multis, so we just had to make it a thing!

Bangbaby truly deserves all eyes on them right now, and believe us, we don’t cap! Grab your Schooner Glass because you might need to refresh your palette after we spill all of the juicy tea. You know how we roll with our Trending Tipsters articles – typically, we highlight one of the very best winning multis from our star Dabbler, but Bangbaby didn’t just have one, or two, but a whopping 4 Same Race Multi’s that absolutely knocked our socks off. It would be rude not to.

Speaking of socks 🧦 – hear us out... Dabble socks, anyone? We might just have to schedule in a meeting with Dabble themselves to see if we can whip up something kewl. Call us Australia’s Next Top Fashion Icon. 💅

Now, back to the good stuff. All 4 epic Same Race Multis were set at the one and the only Townsville racecourse, and across all of them, Bangbaby had their finger right on the pulse, with all legs backing the Top 4 for each race. That’s not an easy game, so kudos to you, Bangbaby! In our eyes, you’re a star, an icon, a legend.

But wait, there’s more! The party never stops here at Dabble! Curious? The odds for all of these Same Race Multis were simply out-of-this-world. Curious? You ask, we deliver. Multi 1 - $29.00, multi 2 - $22.00, multi 3 - $60.00, multi 4 - $90. Oh my days...

Now, if all this info isn’t enough to make you want to jet over and hit that follow button on Bangbaby’s profile in the Dabble app, then we don’t know what else to say. Don’t be fashionably late to the party – become a part of the Dabble fam today! We promise, it won’t disappoint.