Tom Mitchell & Pat Cripps LIVE on Josh Jeans & Friends
App21 Jun 2023

Tom Mitchell & Pat Cripps LIVE on Josh Jeans & Friends

Every other day, we bring you the hottest Dabble Multi Moment’s or Rising Star’s in our community section (which is our favourite part of the website may we add). While we absolutely love those articles, today we have something a little bit different to share with you.

A few weeks ago, we had our very first livestream event with a live audience. Yes, you heard right, how epic? You can check out all of the deets about the event right here.

But, let’s get straight to the point and dive into the very special and exciting edition of Josh Jeans & Friends, featuring two very special guests. Can you guess who they are? Drumroll, please...🥁

🎉 Tom Mitchell & Patrick Cripps 🎉

During the livestream, the boys opened up about their footy careers, being Brownlow medalists, their close friendship and how it has blossomed over time, and the thrilling moments they have experienced both on and off the field. They shared the highs and lows of being professional athletes and treated us to some incredible anecdotes and stories from their time in the game (with heaps of laughs along the way, we were in stitches). Plus, Heath Shaw even delivered some impressive rhymes about the boys – but you will have to watch the YouTube vid to witness those fire bars!

Let’s jump into some of our most memorable moments from the livestream:

💪 Mitchell talks about the positive aspects of being an AFL footballer, such as making a difference for fans.

🤝 Mitchell describes Cripps as a great bloke and shares a funny story about attending Cripps' wedding.

🏉 Mitchell reveals players he has enjoyed playing with, including Cyril Rioli and Lance Franklin.

🙌 Cripps gets deep and talks about his life lessons throughout his footy career and how the positive impact he has made within the Carlton Football club as Captain.

❌ Mitchell mentions disliking certain aspects, including restrictions on socialising during six-day breaks and skin fold measurements.

💪 Mitchell discusses customised training programs and his focus on leg workouts.

💯 Patrick jokes about how if his teammates act like men, he will treat them like men.

⏰ Mitchell jokes about Scott Pendlebury starting his gym sessions later than others.

🤔 Cripps shares his pre-game rituals or superstitions as we like to call them. Which includes temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.

We wish we could include all of the hot topics discussed in this one short article, but that would simply be impossible.

So, if this isn’t enough FOMO for you, then we don’t know what is! But, we do know is that if you haven’t yet watched the stream, then what are you doing? Seriously... we have linked it down below, so no excuses!