Dabbles Trending Tipster - TheTankSlapper
App22 Feb 2024

Trending Tipster - TheTankSlapper

Okay, so now that the cat is out of the bag (and if you have no idea what we are talking about click here), you may be wondering where you can get started on the Dabble app for all things Supercars. Who is spilling the juiciest Supercars tea, where you can copy some trending Supercars bets or multis with a tap of the finger, or simply to have a cheeky peek. 🤭

Well, you have landed on the right webpage, Dabbler. We have the hottest Dabble Supercars goss! With the Bathurst 500 revving up this weekend, you might be feeling that winning feeling creeping in. And if that is the vibe, then you absolutely need (not a want) to check out @TheTankSlapper on the Dabble app.

According to their Dabble profile, they’re a die-hard fan of the Shell V-Power Racing Team and have a soft spot for Macauley Jones. But wait, it gets even better - they have a load of cracker bets, from Same Race Multis to Qualifiers, and even a sprinkle of Future bets. 👀

Want to know who TheTankSlapper thinks will snatch the win for Race 1 kicking off in T- 21 hours? Macauley Jones, yep! Who would have thought? But you know what else is cracker about this bet? The odds are sitting at a sweet $15.00. That is giving us FOMO just thinking about it! 🤑

We can’t spill all the deets here, so crack open the Dabble app and suss out their account or click this link. If you stumble upon a bet that tickles your fancy, maybe even give it a cheeky copy – you know you want to 😏. You never know your luck in a big city, and you might even just hit the jackpot!

Oh, but wait, there is more! TheTankSlapper is just one of many Dabble profiles dishing out hot Supercars bets. Because we are not just good – we are the bomb diggity (and y’all know it 😉), here are a few more hot profiles to check out: @brentsupercars, @mineprez, @theprezz44, @spaldo.

And, on one last final note... how cool is Dabble? We are the home of the Social Bet! Yep, Dabble is the place where Copy Bet all started, but that is not all. We have a load of social betting features that make Dabble the place to be! Like weekly livestreams, banter channels where you can chat with other Dabblers about Supercars. Oh, and did we mention that we have lightning-fast withdrawals? Get your funds in a flash with Dabble. ⚡