Dabble - The Official Supercars Wagering Partner
App21 Feb 2024

Dabble - The Official Supercars Wagering Partner

Guess what? You know that Dabble is the King of the Social Bet but also the King of surprises! 🤭 And, to kick-start 2024 with a BANG, we have some very exciting news to share with y’all. If you haven’t already seen the news – or read the title, then yes, Dabble is the official Supercars Wagering Partner for 2024! Cue the purple dance-party! 🎉.

We are super pumped – or should we say super-revved (sorry, not sorry) - to be partnering with Supercars for the 2024 season! Now, that is what we call starting the year off with a BANG! 🏎️

But hang on a sec, what does this mean for all you Dabblers out there? Well, we are here to spill the tea, of course! Dabble is the home of the Social Bet that combines both the thrill of sports wagering with social interaction. We have our iconic OG feature, Copy Bet, that allows users to copy other Dabblers’ bets with just a tap and share that sweet winning sensation. Meaning, you will never miss a moment of Supercars action.

We also have a wide range of (the best) Supercars markets that you can locate in the “Betting” tab under “Sports”. Want to have check them out for yourself? Click this link or open the Dabble app on your phone, it really is as easy as that!

Given that we are the headquarters of the Social Bet, you know that our community in our Banter channels and the rest of the app will be popping off with the hottest Supercars banter, bets and multis. Plus, we also have our brand spanking new Discover Feed, chillin’ on the bottom tab of the app, where you can find the hottest Supercars Trending Tipsters. How cool is that? 😎

Oh, and one last thing... If you've got a need for speed, then Dabble is the app for you. Our withdrawals are lightning fast – and we are not just talking fast, we are talking lightning fast! That means that you can keep that winning streak going strong and get your winnings straight to your wallet quicker than you can read this article.

At Dabble, the epitome of who we are and what we do is to engage with our community and create memorable experiences, so let’s toast to that 🥂. And, while we are here, let’s toast to Supercars for partnering with us on this journey. Catch you in the banter channels or at the racetrack! 👋