Dabble Takes On Darwin Triple Crown
App17 Jun 2024

Dabble Takes On Darwin Triple Crown

Do we have some big news for y’all! Can you take a guess from the title? No? Okay, okay, we will spill the beans or should we say – pop the hood! Haha, see what we did there? 😉

If you didn’t already know, Dabble is the official Supercars Wagering Partner of 2024. Can we get a whoop, whoop? 🎉 If you’re as curious as George and/or have been living under a rock, then click this link to learn more about this zooming partnership. 🤝

But, if you have been around the Dabbleverse and have been keeping tabs on what the mysterious and enigmatic Dabble has been up to, then this news is going to tickle your fancy – even we are so excited just to be writing this article because best believe it is nothing short of EPIC! 💥

DRUMROLL please... We are so proud to announce that Dabble now has its very own racing supercar that made its debut at the Darwin Triple Crown over the weekend. Yep, you read the right! We told you it was EPIC! It definitely passed the purple vibe check; wouldn’t you say so? We think we need to come up with a nickname for the purple speed demon – got any suggestions? Asking for a friend. 😏

Purple Dabble Supercar

And, to make things even more exciting, this Dabble supercar was driven over the weekend by none other than the iconic Cameron Hill, racing as part of the Dabble Racing Team. Slay, slay, slay!

Now, you may be wondering, what were the results of the Darwin Triple Crown? Well, not to worry, you know that we always have the juiciest of juicy deets. We have collated the must know highlights from the weekend just for you 🫶:

  • Broc Feeney (Red Bull Racing) takes home the Darwin Triple Crown sweep.

  • Although Will Brown (Red Bull Racing) came in at second place, he still leads Freeny by 108 points heading into Townsville.

  • Brodie Kostecki (Erebus Motorsport) claimed his first podium since October last year, finishing in a sweet 3rd place.

Talk about need for speed... Townsville 500 couldn’t come quickly enough! Oh and speaking of need for speed – if you like to live life on the edge then Dabble is the app for you. Our withdrawals are lightning fast – and we’re not just talking fast, we are talking lightning fast ⚡! That means that you can keep that winning streak going strong and get your winnings straight to your wallet quicker than you can read this article.

Thank you to all the Dabblers that have come on this amazing journey with us – you truly are amazing! And while, we are all up in our lover boy and girl energy, let us give a toast to Dabble for always surprising us with the most memorable experiences 🥂. Until next time, we will be sure to catch you in the banter channels or at the racetrack! 👋