Same Race Multis Loved By All
App12 Jul 2023

Same Race Multis Loved By All

Same Race Multi is now Live! 🏇🏇🏇

Our Dabblers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Same Race Multis on the Dabble app, and we are here to announce some very special and exciting news to share – SRM's are now live! Cue a celebration dance 💃. If you have been part of the Dabble fam for some time you would know that we are always listening to our Dabblers and delivering what they want.

Whenever we release a new feature (check out our feed filter release article, here), it is always a big, big day! While we couldn’t throw a physical launch party (Bazfromfinance said no), we did have the absolute honour to witness the excitement unfold in our Banter channels. The buzz and energy during release day is always unmatched!

Now, let’s get into the details. We won’t bore you with the technicalities, as we are sure that you are already familiar with how it works. But, we are thrilled to announce that Dabble Same Race Multis are now available for all AUS/NZ Thoroughbred Racing and AUS Greyhound Racing, as long as there are 5 runners on the field. Dabble has slayed the day once again! This epic release has made its mark in Dabble history, and we couldn’t be more hyped about I!

Here are some of our fave moments from SRM day, straight outta the Banter channels:

@wanzy4 - “How good is a same race multi! Thanks for listening Dabble”

@PuntingtonBear - “Happy SRM day for those who celebrate”

@ADZ920 - “BRB tissue box getting a workout due to SRM update”

We truly appreciate all of our Dabblers and the overwhelming love, support and gratitude we have received from y’all in the Banter channels. Seeing everyone come together to celebrate and experience the difference truly warms our hearts.

It seems to be happy days all round in the Banter channels, nuff said – SRM up, baby. 👌

To conclude, we have one final question for you – How good is dabble? IYKYK, hehe.

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Oh, and don’t forget to give Dabble 5 stars in the App and Play Store, x