Dabble Trending Tipster Rising Star - Wooda71
App21 Sep 2023

Rising Star - Wooda71

Wooda71 called 1800-Dabble and was asking for their Rising Star back. 🌟

Oopsie, Wooda71, we just borrowed it temporarily to craft this stellar article about your Dabble journey thus far! It is a thrilling time to be alive, and we are riding this Trending Tipster wave like pros. But honestly, with the amount of awesome tipsters popping up weekly, we might need to hire a sidekick! 🆘

But, today our purple spotlight is shining brightly on the superstar, Wooda71 – and boy, do they deserve it! They dropped not one, not two, not three, but a whopping four EPIC multis. That is right guys! Four!

Each of these multis were technically and visually stunning, totalling a mind-boggling 23-legs and boasting jaw-dropping odds of $2947.74! Wooda71 is basically invincible – maybe they should consider a profile name change to Tiz Invincible? No? Okay, moving on.

We would just like to special shoutout one of the multis which had 7-legs, and a grand total return of $2558.31! Winnings like this is like finding a jewel in the sea – rare, precious, and definitely worth writing an article about!

All of these outstanding multis were racing-themed (FYI - we love Spring Carnival time 🌸). We would love to dive into each one, but with 23 legs, that might take longer than a snail’s afternoon stroll. But hey, if you want to dig deeper, hop over to the Dabble app and check our Wooda71’s profile. Who knows, you might find a bet that tickles your fancy – and if it does, you know the drill, hit that copy bet button!

Alright, Wooda71, you can have your Rising Star back no, we hope we put it to good use! You totally deserve the limelight! We wish we could have our own Rising Star too, but hey, that’s something to earn. Might be time to put in some OT! A massive round of applause and kudos to you, Wooda71! 👏.

‘You are now Out of Time’ - Just kidding! You have got all the time in the world, but seriously, there is not time like the present. So, dash over to the Dabble App, and if you haven’t hopped on the Dabble train yet, just click this word and leap into all of the action!