Dabbles Trending Tipster Rising Star - WAgreyhoundGuru
App14 Aug 2023

Rising Star - WAgreyhoundGuru

Did someone say bullseye? 🎯 No? Well guess what? WAgreyhoundGuru surely did, and they brought a blazing heat to the Dabble ping pong table that’s hotter than summer in Australia. In fact, their fire was so scorching that they have snagged the coveted title of this week’s Dabble’s Rising Star. And let us tell you, it’s like being front-page news in Hollywood – we have got the glitz and glamour down pat!

A bullseye – that is he exact mark WAgreyhoundGuru hit, earning them a prime position on our Trending Tipsters spotlight over at our digital HQ. And just to clarify, they didn’t land one bullseye; oh no, they aced it twice in a row! If that isn’t a masterclass in hitting the jackpot, we don’t know what is. It is only fitting that WAgreyhoundGuru walks away with not just the bag but their very own spotlight article too. 🔦

Now, you’re probably curious, asking, “Dabble, go on, spill the tea – how did WAgreyhoundGuru nab their very own exclusive article?”. Well, dear Dabbler, prepare for a scoop hotter than fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza. As their Dabble handle suggests, it is all about those speedy greyhounds.

And let us tell you, these multis didn’t just sizzle – they set the place on fire! Dabble’s been handing out more BANG’s than fireworks display on New Years Eve, and we are unapologetically head over heels for it.

Alright, let's cut the chatter and dive into the good stuff! Ready? Vamanos!

WAgreyhoundGuru wasted no time, leaping onto the stage with their whopping 6-leg multi that got green tick after green tick of approval. ✅ Six legs? That is like a multi acrobatics performance! And guess what? It cashed in a sweet return of $61.52. Talk about hitting the jackpot – that is some serious ka-ching right there! 🤑

And that’s not all. Their second multi also detonated with a smaller yet equally thrilling victory of $6.46. Because hey, a win is a win, no matter the size. Both multi marvels has one copy each – and you have got to wonder, who’s the lucky winner? Ah, the beauty of Dabble – sharing triumphs with your buddies and revelling in the victory lap together.

Now, if you are yet to follow WAgreyhoundGuru, then we would say that you are missing out! But we think you already know that. And if you happen to be obsessed with greyhounds as WAgreyhoundGuru (they have dubbed themselves a Guru, and we are all in for it), then you better make a beeline to their profile. 🐝

There you have it folks – the inside scoop on this week’s Dabble Rising Star. We will pose this as our last question – Have you joined Australia's home of the social bet? LINK.