Dabbles Trending Tipster Rising Star - Soccy116
App20 Nov 2023

Rising Star - Soccy116

Guess what, folks? We are feeling holly, jolly festive vibes because Santa’s sleigh is just around the corner, only 38 days until it lands in town! 🎄 At Dabble, we are Santa’s little helpers, delivering the latest, nicest (never naughty) updates right from the Dabble App. And today, drumroll, please! It is time for this week’s Dabble Rising Star – Soccy116!

Soccy116 has been shining on the Dabble App brighter than our purple Dabble Christmas Star illuminating the night on Christmas Eve. Well, maybe that is a bit of exaggeration, but you get the sparkle that we are talking about. 🌟

Alright, alright, alright, enough elf and Christmas star talk – lets dive into the action-packed star of the show Soccy116 and what truly makes them shine. We got the scoop from our fellow Dabble elves that Soccy116 hit not one, but two homeruns.

Now, onto the real fun – how many legs and what about those odds? Hold onto your Santa hats; we are about to spill the hot cocoa! Each of these two multi bets strutted with a cool 2 legs each (seems like a winning formula, right?)

The first multi graced the Flemington and Rosehill racetracks with odds hitting a jolly $30.25! But wait, there is more! The second one was set just at Flemington this time and soared high with odds of a merry $204.00. Talk about touching the stars – or should we say the North Pole?

What warmed our hearts more than mulled wine on a chilly evening was witnessing Dabblers from every corner come together to celebrate Soccy116 win’s! That is the Dabble community spirit right there in action and let us tell you we cherish every single bit of it!

'Tis the season of giving, and what better way to spread the joy than giving Soccy116 their spotlight moment with their very own article in our Trending Tipster section? Let’s show them some Dabble love! Head on over to the Dabble app and give Soccy116 a round of applause. Because why not celebrate greatness, right?

Thinking of diving into the world of social betting just in time for the festive buzz? Well, you have stumbled upon the golden ticket 🎫! Here is your gateway to start your Dabble adventure and join our festive fam today.