Dabbles Trending Tipster Rising Star - Sash77
App29 Nov 2023

Rising Star - Sash77

Tooooooonight, oh wait, it is actually a crisp Tuesday morning here at Dabble HQ. But hey, no judgement, we have been binging on the latest Australian Love Island. Can you blame us, though? It is as addictive as double-chocolate chip cookies! If you have ever dabbled in an episode of Love Islan, you know how dangerously easy it is to get hooked. So, guess what? We are kicking off our latest Rising Star article with a dash of that Love Island spice.

Here in Dabbleland, we have officially stepped into our community era 🫶 (not that we haven’t always been in this era – we might have a menny b if we weren’t). This era is all about uncovering our hottest Rising Stars on the app and making your life easier by taking the guesswork out of it. But hey, who knows, we might switch up our eras again soon. Stay tuned.

Let's give a warm welcome to our freshest Bomb that has just landed in Dabbles Rising Star villa - Sash77 💫. Worried? There is no need to be – community era, remember? Sash77 has been a busy bee, dabbling in both horses and dogs, and is a true Dabbler at heart.

Now, diving into Sash77’s Rising Star application – the standout factor? Not one, not two, but a whopping three winning NBA multis and same game multis. 😍 Talk about raising the winning bar (Pssst, Sash77, care to share how one enters their winning era?)

Wonder what it feels like to be in the winning era (because, honestly, we are dying to know). Well, Sash77 may as well just hold the key, with these three multis hitting a combined total winning odd of: $92.99. How is that for a winning streak?

And, that our friends, is precisely why Sash77 has been chosen as the next lucky Dabbler to grace our Rising Star villa. Fancy a chat with Sash77? Here are a few pro tips from yours truly, Dabble:

Step 1: Open the Dabble App on your phone. If you are not onboard yet, hang tight till the end of this article to kick-start your journey.

Step 2: Pop Sash77’s name into that search bar and click on their profile.

Step 3: Discover pending bets and highlights at a click of a button.

Step 4: Feeling spicy? Hit that follow button to stay updated on all things Sash77. I

Feeling like you have entered your FOMO era? Let’s get you started on your Dabble era journey!

Sash77 you are a true winner in our eyes! Lots of love from your host – Dabble. x