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App14 Jun 2023

Rising Star - Rodneyc14

You know that feeling of pure bliss – when your multi - that you put all of your hard work, sweat, and tears into - hits? Yeah, it is amazing right? Well, if you think hitting one winning multi is impressive, what about 3? In a row? On the same day? Yep, and our very own Rodneyc14 achieved this extraordinary feat over the King’s Birthday long weekend - move over King Charles we have a new supremacy.

This horse racing enthusiast and Dabble prodigy (we just can’t help but come up with new terms for our amazing Dabblers everyday, someone needs to stop us, right? 😂 but you'll have to catch us first) took even us at Dabbler HQ by storm. Not one, not two, but THREE. Okay, but for real we need to stop being so dramatic! That’s what she said...

Did you guys want to know something even crazier? Rodneyc14 only has 18 followers... Now, we hate to admit it, but we can’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment. Come on folks! In the world of Dabble, we are all about supporting and uplifting our peers and friends wherever possible.

To witness the absolute sheer genius of Rodneyc14’s multi-winning skills is to be a part of something truly special, wouldn’t you agree? And you better believe that Rodneyc14 is definitely not going down without a fight.

So, what has Rodneyc14 been up to since their epic multi streak? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have all the details. They very well might be living their best life in Europe (along with the rest of Australia, if you know, you know). But one thing is for sure: that with each successful multi, Rodneyc14 reminds us all that no dream is too big. Anything is attainable with dedication, a little bit of sweat and tears, and a sprinkle of that magical Dabble touch.

Damn, we are bringing the much needed inspo today, maybe we should start a TED talk...

And to conclude, this very long-winded hype of Rodneyc14 (with very good reason, may we add) begs the question: as if you’re not already following this Dabble stud, then what on earth are you doing? I think it is time for a toast, (yes we are very aware that it's 2 pm on a Wednesday...) but what else can we say? We want to celebrate all of our victories as much as we can, because well, that is what life is all about!

Live, laugh, love and most importantly keep Dabbling 🫶🏽