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App7 Jul 2023

Rising Star - Rizabat

We have a new rising star in the house, can we get a “whoop, whoop”? Okay, that was a tad cringe, don’t mind us! We can feel you side eyeing us through the screen right now! 🫣

But hey, the workin’ week is almost over, and the weekend is so close that we can almost smell freedom! And, what a better way to kickstart Friday Knockoff’s then showing off one of our Dabbler’s who have been absolutely slaying the game with some smashing multi’s that would even turn the head of Baz from Finance.

To commence the end of the working week, remember as a wise man once said, “Work hard, play even harder” - We aren’t entirely sure who said that, but tis a vibe!

Rizabat is the name to remember boys and girls. This dabbler has swooped into the Dabbleverse with a remarkable sense of adaptability at their disposal – and when we say that you know we ain’t lying. But, don’t let that deter you, though, because you might just be able to learn a thing. Or, two!

Rizabat has rizzed their way to the top, baby, and they did it not once, but twice, with two epic multis on the Cronulla Sharks vs St George Illawarra Dragons showdown. Looks like Rizabat knows a winning game when they see one. We actually published a Multi Moment earlier this week with a cracker bet that had us all 🤑 Check it out, here.

Sorry, back to Rizabat. Let’s have a suss at what made them just that extra bit special this week, shall we? The first multi boasted odds that were a sizzling hot $132.25, and the second one delivered a sweet return of $53.50. Now, if we can math, that adds up to a grand total of $185.75! While each multi was cracker on it’s own, when you zoom out and look at it with a wider lense, all we can see is one happy chap living their best life!

Side note: Can we talk about Briton Nikora for one sec? He landed 2 tries in the game, which is his first for the season, so major props! 👏

So, here’s a final toast to Rizabat, a true shining star in our eyes. Keep doing what you do best – slaying those multis, and keep inspiring us to all work hard and play even harder. 🍻

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Catch y’all on the flip, x.