Dabbles Trending Tipster Rising Star - PK10
App10 Nov 2023

Rising Star - PK10

Welcome to the Dabble feats, where we are not just eating; we are feasting babyyy! And guess what? PK10 is here with an appetite for legs – no, not human legs, we are talking about multi legs! The more the merrier, right? We are all about those cracker multis with legs of all sizes.

Our Dabblers have been absolutely on fire at the moment. Hold up, we have got a long list of Trending Tipsters and Popular Punters articles to churn out. But let’s take a moment to applaud because PK10 is this week’s Dabble Rising Star. 🌟

And why, you ask? Oh, for some darn good reasons. We may or may not have done a little snooping around (we are basically like private investigators without the “private” part – just kidding), and PK10 pulled off some incredible value picks for their winning multis.

They are living up to their self-proclaimed title (as per their Dabble account) of feasting and overeating 🍝, and we are vibing with it. Quick side note: who else is counting down the days to the epic Christmas Dinner feast? Us, for sure! Note to self: Decorate Dabble HQ’s Christmas Tree next week! 🎄

Anyway, what is cooking in these multis, you ask? Pk10 must have some secret recipe because these were sizzling! The first multi was a tantalising 7-leg mix, all about NBA, with sweet odds of $323.65! Oh, and did we mention it scored not one but two copies? Double the winning vibes, people!

But hold on, PK10 did not stop there. They brought the heat with an 11-leg multi, blending NBA and football – now, that is a double threat. PK10 might just give Stacey’s Mom and run for her money. This multi served up a winner with odds of $145.91!

If this is not proof enough that PK10 is Dabble’s Rising Star, then we are at a loss. If you are part of the Dabble fam, whip out your phone, open the Dabble app, and hit that follow button for PK10! We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

And, there you have it – a wrap on this week’s Dable Rising Star. Thanks for joining the feast! Oh, and one last thing... If you are not already part of the world’s best social betting app well, we have conveniently left this link right here.

Catch you around!