Dabbles Trending Tipsters Rising Star - Muckdog
App17 Aug 2023

Rising Star - Muckdog

Let’s do this guys! Buckle up because we are about to unleash some serious epicness (yep, we just made “epicness” a word) that went absolutely BANG!

Our Dabbler’s have been absolutely on fire at the moment. Trust us, we have got a very big backlog of Trending Tipsters to get through. 🆘 But, the wait is finally over, because drumroll, please... our spotlight is shining on none other than Muckdog, our newest Dabble Rising Star! ⭐

Oh, you better believe it – Muckdog is here to prove that even underdogs can bring the heat. 😉 These multis are sizzling hotter than a summer barbeque, which have got us celebrating like we just hit the lottery (one can dream, right?).

Muckdog didn’t just hit the bullseye once; they went for a double whammy that left us too stunned to speak. Muckdog, we do have one question for you. Do you have Lady Luck on your team? Just asking for a friend...

Now, the first multi came along with some sweet sweet odds of $150.85. Talk about hitting the jackpot baby! And just when you thought that was impressive, Muckdog goes and drops another multi that made this multi look like lightwork. We are talking a whopping $454.44. Now that is some serious mulla baby, we can almost hear Lil Wayne giving you a shoutout.

What’s cooking in these multi’s, you ask? Well, Muckdog did not hold back, that is for sure. They brewed up a tantalising mix of both NRL and AFL games. Now, that is Rising Star worthy. It is kind of like they have sprinkled a little bit of magic dust onto these multis... We give it to Muckdog these multis are like a symphony of strategy with and a touch of magic. 🪄

But, at the end of the day, Muckdog is not just a betting genius, they are a Dabble genius – kudos! You know why? Because they are part of our incredible community, and that is definitely worth a celebratory toast. So, maybe, just maybe, you should head on over to their profile, and chuck them a follow? We mean, we wouldn’t want you to miss out, right?

You know the drill – it is shameless plug time! You know that there is no better way that we would want to close our articles off. So, if you haven’t already, then we think you should slide in and become a part of the Dabble fam. We mean, where else would you rather be?

Case closed x ✌️