Dabbles Trending Tipster Rising Star - Lachsta10
App21 Dec 2023

Rising Star - Lachsta10

Lachsta10 has been absolutely SLEIGHING the Dabble game! Get what we did there? Christmas is well and truly in full swing right now – and yes, if you were wondering we have watched about 20 cringey Christmas movies over the duration of the season, because we are all about embracing the festive spirit to the max!

The Christmas season is all about giving and let us tell you Lachsta10 has been delivering treat after treat. 🎁 Welcome to the Trending Tipster hub Lachsta10 – the absolute coolest spot on the internet (yeah, we like to jazz things up a bit).

Enough glitter and sparkle for now—let's plunge into the epic world of Lachsta10. To be our weekly Rising Star Dabbler, you've got to bring some serious resilience and perseverance to the table, and Lachsta10's got that in spades. Okay, maybe we're going a tad overboard, but hey, that's just us, keeping it lowkey 😉.

Two multis, fourteen legs, and a combined odds total of $303.97! Yep, say goodbye to those ghosts of Christmas past because Lachsta10 just hit the jackpot! BRB, gotta grab some hot cocoa to cope with this epic FOMO situation.

And did you know? Dabble's the OG home of the Copy Bet—yeah, we totally invented the coolest feature that the world ever did see. Spot a bet you fancy on the Dabble app? Hit that Copy Bet button and save yourself from that dreaded FOMO feeling we're experiencing right now. 😰 Oh, and we also just released our new For You Feed which means discovering trending bets and Dabblers is as easy as pie.

If you're as curious as George about these two epic multis, whip out your phone, fire up the Dabble App, and track down Lachsta10's profile. While you're at it (if you're feeling spicy), why not give them a follow? 'Tis the season of giving, after all—what do you say?

As we wrap up the year, it's been a blast, so a huge thanks to Lachsta10 and all our fantastic Dabblers for making this year one for the Dabble history books! Just because the year's winding down doesn't mean the fun has to. Tap into this link if you haven't joined Dabble yet—trust us, there's plenty happening on the Dabble App.

Until next time, a massive thank you to Lachsta10—we can't wait to see what fireworks you've got for us in the New Year. Congrats once again, you absolute star! 🌟