Dabble Trending Tipsters Rising Star - KNEEZtipZ
App7 Jun 2023

Rising Star - KNEEZtipZ

We were reflecting on the process of becoming a Rising Star here at Dabble HQ, and it struck us that we never really delved into the details. So, we thought we would answer your burning questions because, periodt. While the criteria may not be straightforward, one thing is crystal clear – if you aspire to become our next Rising Star, then take a leaf out of KNEEZtipZ's book – how about that for an intro, hey?

KNEEZtipZ has been setting the Dabbleverse ablaze (metaphorically speaking of course) - side note: safety always comes first, so we always keep a fire extinguisher handy. KNEEZtipZ has become a true force to be reckoned with in the Dabbleverse - pop off king.

With a growing following of 552 Dabblers, KNEEZtipZ has become quite the micro-influencer. Who knows, maybe one day they might become the next Charlie D’amelio of Dabble. KNEEZtipZ definitely keeps the vibes flowing, so don’t underestimate the king!

So, what exactly did KNEEZtipZ do to end up on our all-star Rising Star section of our website? Well, we can tell you. On the ever so slightly foggy night of the 5th of June, one 8 leg MLB multi went BANG (this is why we need the fire extinguisher, everyone). The odds? A massive $106.06. Talk about taking home a W!

What left us shook at Dabble HQ, was that this epic multi only received a total of 4 copies...talk about poor effort, guys, shame on you. We’re only kidding 😉.

Is there anything that KNEEZtipZ can’t do? We know one thing that is for sure (and this information is copied straight from their bio) “Single’s are for RACING & Multi’s are for SPORTS” - how simple is that. Thanks KNEEZtipZ for simplifying life for our fellow Dabblers, cheers.

Look, at the end of the day, it is no surprise that KNEEZtipZ’s success is a product of their audaciousness and unwavering dedication. If KNEEZtipZ had a motto, we think it would definitely have to be “Carpe diem, seize the day ladies and gents. Make your life extraordinary”. Which is a pretty cool motto, slayyy.

Remember, the next time one of KNEEZtipZ’s bets goes bang, don’t forget your fire extinguisher...haha, jokes. But seriously, drop some love in the comment section, or maybe even copy a bet. Who knows when the next multi might go bang! One word of advice: don’t be a Karen, and that is on period.

Until next time, xoxo gossip girl.