Dabble Trending Tipsters Rising Star - clayton6108
App20 Jul 2023

Rising Star - clayton6108

Clayton6108 is straight out of Western Australia and is this week’s Dabble Rising Star.

Now, if you have been following us for a while you know that our Trending Tipster’s section is the most prestigious section of our site and is home to the hottest punters. Kind of like our very own hall of fame.

Wanna know what makes clayton6108 super special? Well, to be completely honest with you, all of our Dabblers hold a special place in our hearts 🫶. But, clayton6108 has been bringing the absolute heat and well if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Haha, but for real, it has been getting very hot over here.

We are talking 3 massive, not huge, massive bets that absolutely went bang! Now, we know that we have had some cracker bets pull through with massive odds that will make you make you question your existence, but we think these epic bets from Clayton6108 takes home the crown.

3 bets over 2 races with a combined total odds of $30,825. We know what you’re probably thinking - ‘that surely can’t be true’. But, let us reassure you that it is! And there is plenty more from where that came from. Check out their profile for more sizzling 🔥 bets.

Clayton6108, do you have a crystal ball? Because, if you do, do you mind if we borrow it for a sec? 🔮These racing bets were following the first four places in 3 races across Sha Tin and Richmond. Due to the sheer fact of the brilliance behind the mastermind themself Clayton6108, let’s breakdown each bet and see what the stakes looked like.

👑 Sha Tin Race 6 - $2080.00

👑 Sha Tin Race 3 - $27,635.00

👑 Richmond Race 1 - $1110.00

So, essentially clayton6108 (depending on how much was placed on the bet), was on very happy chap after these races. See, we told you guys that we don’t lie, we can’t believe that you doubted us. 🤔

It is safe to say that clayton6108, has well earned their place in the prestigious Dabble Hall of Fame. That is why we love what we do at Dabble so much (yes, we sound like a broken record), but that is because we are – haha. Go on, share a bet with you mate, or even better share clayton6108’s profile with a mate.

Go on, have a dabble. And, always remember to have fun, and maybe even a cheeky copy bet.