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App27 Oct 2023

Rising Star - carlos31

Did someone say Rising Star? No? Well, we sure did, so turn that frown upside down! Why, you ask? Because we have got a brand-new Rising Star shining very brightly in Dabbletown. 🎉

It is time to break out the party poppers and balloons because today, we are celebrating carlos31. And, you know what? It is almost Halloweekend! Get those costumes ready, because it is one of the spookiest weekends of the year! 👻

We are dressing up as wizard this year (Gryffindor, of course), conjuring up articles like pure magic 😉. Speaking of magical beings, we are convinced that carlos31 has a touch of magic in their blood. In fact, we wrote a whole Multi Moment article about them last week. Want to witness the magic? Click here.

Carlos31 already has the Midas touch when it comes to racing, but what is the secret sauce behind their second article in just a matter of days? We suspect they might have a little bit of greyhound magic in their DNA.

Three multis, twelve legs, one big pot of gold – that is the winning recipe for carlos31. They have navigated this magic land of bets like a smooth criminal. That would actually be a cracker costume idea for Halloweekend, wouldn’t it?

That is enough yapping for one day; let’s talk odds. The multis that caught our attention from carlos31 had odds of $225.78, $107.39, and $70.00! That is why we love a good multi – success like carlos31’s could lead to a big pot of gold. 💰

If you are a Dabbler who hasn’t followed carlos31 yet, you’re seriously missing out! And you know we don’t throw that phrase around lightly. Check out their profile on your Dabble app; they have got plenty of bets to spice up your Friday night, maybe even spicier than our favourite Zinger from KFC!

Carlos31, you have made Dabble history and we are thrilled you could join us in this special part of Dabble history. We have got a long list of Dabble articles to write, so we better get to it. BRB, we need some caffeine – Starbucks here we come! ☕

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