Dabbles Trending Tipster Rising Star - Bunceyboy
App5 Dec 2023

Rising Star - Bunceyboy

Bunceyboy takes the spotlight this week as Dabble’s Rising Star. They have been strutting their stuff harder than Mark Ronson’s iconic ‘Return of the Mack’ - we mean talk about having that epic groove. Their vibes are seriously top-notch at the moment, and we just had to spill the tea about it!

You all should know by now, that we love to give credit where credit is due and that is exactly why we are sitting at our desk to write this article (well that and also because it is our job). Oh, and did you know that these babies can double up as standing desks too? 🤯 The more you know.

Iykyk, that our Trending Tipster hub is where we shine our very bright and very purple spotlight on the hottest movers and shakers in the Dabble community – because, hey, you guys are our world! So, let’s throw some virtual confetti for our newest superstar, Bunceyboy! 🏩 Applauses all round! 👏

Bunceyboy seems to have the Midas touch - especially when it comes to making 11-leg multis look like a pure chef’s kiss. Seriously, we totes think they need to come out with a chef’s kiss emoji (we would be using it overtime), and this is the perfect moment!

But, we didn’t come here to talk about emojis, we came here to talk about Bunceyboy’s 11-leg multi that has created headlines. This 11-leg multi covered 11 different showdowns across the NFL - Bunceyboy must have been very busy crafting this multi that is for sure!

Oops, we almost forgot to mention the most important part – the return of the Bunceyboy’s multi (see what we did there? Hehe). $382.44 - yep, you read that right – that is the Bunceyboy motto right there.

If you are a Dabbler that has yet to check out Bunceyboy’s profile and/or even given them a follow, you are seriously missing out! And you know we don’t throw that phrase around lightly. Check out their profile on your Dabble app; they have got plenty of bets to spice up your Friday night, maybe even spicier than our favourite Zinger from KFC!

Bunceyboy, you have made Dabble history and we are thrilled you could join us in this special part of Dabble history. We have got a long list of Dabble articles to write, so we better get to it. BRB, we need some caffeine – Starbucks here we come! ☕

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