Rising Star - Blakram
App31 Jul 2023

Rising Star - Blakram

Did someone say boxed first four??? No? Well, we said it now, so change that “no” to a “yes” plz. But why did we say, “boxed first four”? It's not coz the words sound funny, not like “hullaballoo”, now that's a funny sounding word.

But “boxed first four” are certainly the three best words you'll hear today, trust us! Because Dabbler Blakram nailed not one, not two, but three boxed first fours recently. Damnnnn Blakrammmm...

These sizzling boxed first four bets were at three different tracks, all about a week ago. We know, we know, it's been a week and we're only just getting to write this article now. But we've been busy, ya know...

All our Dabblers just keep going bang, and we just can't keep up, soz. Brb, going to ask our boss if we can hire another helper 🆘

Looking through Blakram's highlights on their profile, it's simply insane. The Ram loves a first four and a trifecta. There's so much winning happening right now, we could have written at least five separate articles about it. But we're already swamped, and we really think we should spread the love around, that's the kind of people we are 💜

The bets that caught our attention from Blakram had odds of $12,080, $10,320 and $3,720! This is why we love boxed first fours people – if you haven't already gotten around it – what have you been doing all this time. It's time to get your head out of the sand and start living life the right way, the Ram way.

When Blakram used their genius to place these bets, they had a measly 24 followers. Talk about sadness, that's sadder than dropping a case of Stone & Wood right outside the liquor store just after you've paid for it.

But unlike the story of dropping your case of Stone & Wood (which totally isn't based on something that happened to us last weekend 🫣), this story has a happy ending. And this happy ending comes in the form of how many followers Blakram has now – which is sitting at a healthy 325.

Now, if you are a Dabbler who is yet to follow Blakram...we'd say you're missing out. But we think you already know that, and we wouldn't want to repeat ourselves, now, would we? Bets keep poppin’ off with Blakram, there's more poppin’ going on right now than a large Popcorn Chicken meal from KFC.

We know we were late to the party with expressing our appreciation of Blakram, but better late than never, right? We've got heaps more Dabblers to showcase, so we better get cracking on those articles, but while you wait, DW we've got heaps of existing articles you can read.

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