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App6 Mar 2023

Live Streams Promotions – Jake's Take, March 7, 2023

Picture this. It’s Tuesday night. It’s still three days away from the weekend starting. There’s no AFL because the season hasn’t started yet, and there’s no NRL until Thursday. You’re sitting in your apartment wondering if you should finally cook the food in your fridge or just get UberEats again. You’ve already watched literally everything on Netflix and wasted half your night trying to choose between two movies that you could quote verbatim.

Don’t slip into the darkness! We’ve got your much-needed Tuesday night pick me up. It’s Jake’s Take! Jake Barker-Daish is on every Tuesday night, and no topic is off limits. Jake has a new guest every week, so you can finally escape the cycle of mind-numbing repetitiveness.

You’ll find that Jake has a very loyal following, and there is always room for more. So, if you’re interested in building a multi with the great Jake, and listen to anything, from the dogs to the NRL, then you’ll have to tell everyone you’re busy every Tuesday night from 7pm to 8pm.

That sounds like a much better Tuesday night than what you’ve been doing before, right? Well, it’s about to get even better! In Jake’s Take Live Stream, he also talks about some tasty promotions that are on offer for that night.

Promotions that could mean more excitement in your life. We don’t want to get into the specifics of it, we want to build the suspense and get you involved with Jake’s Take! But trust us when we say, they are pretty awesome. Like UberEats emailing you a 30% discount off your next order.

You won’t be able to find these types of promos anywhere else, so make sure you create a calendar event, set an alarm, or whatever you need to do to ensure you don’t miss it. Each of these promos is only offered for a limited amount of time, so you’ll need to be quick – not as quick as The Flash, but still quick – if you want to get on it.

If you have missed the window for the promotion, it’s okay – there's no need to fret! There’s always next week, we pinky promise you that. We are always here to offer our Dabblers a helping hand, we love you guys!