Popular Punters 9K Followers - TiMMah
App14 Nov 2022

9K Followers - TiMMah

Welcome to the show! Take your sets, and let’s get started. Who’s taking centre stage today? That’d be popular Dabbler, TiMMah. Before he starts juggling while also riding a unicycle, why don’t we talk about the amazing things he is doing on Dabble.

“It’s not about quantity, but about quality”, as the popular saying goes. But we say, “the more the better”. Well, it looks as though TiMMah has entered the overlappy part of a Venn diagram (which is also known by its official term as “the intersection”, but we are going to stick with “overlappy” thank you very much), as he’s got quantity AND quality. Currently, he has over 9,000 followers who enjoy picking up what he is putting down.

TiMMah is praised as a man of the people, and because of this he dabbles in all different bet types. This means there’s always a little something for everyone chef’s kiss. From multis, to boxed quinellas, to your stock standard fixed wins (sometimes vanilla is the best flavour), TiMMah has got you covered.

So, what makes TiMMah stand out from the rest of the Dabbler pack? We think this can be summed up in his profile description, “I’m a peacock- let me fly”. He knows just how good he is and won’t let anyone tell him different. He’s the Adam Zampa of Dabble.

Let’s be honest, we need a little bit of weirdness (or put nicely, individuality) when it comes to betting, and this something TiMMah has in spades. So, get your trusty spade and let’s start digging out some winners. It’s time to get dirty.

Was it worth it? Getting dirt everywhere? Well, if you had looked at TiMMah’s profile already, then you would have seen all of his latest successful bets, and you could answer that question for yourself. But it seems like you keep relying on us for some reason...

We love your work TiMMah, you’re doing amazing sweetie. And while he doesn’t have world-wide popularity like the Kardashian clan, at least he doesn’t have anything to do with Ray J. Also, to top it all off, he is popular where it counts – on Dabble!

Okay, now that has all been settled, back to the juggling on a unicycle, please.