Popular Punters - 31K Followers - Biggmarn
App15 Nov 2023

31K Followers - Biggmarn

Welcome to the Dabble games – where we showcase the crème de la crème of the Dabble app, aka the bustling Popular Punters extravaganza! Now, if your name isn’t shining here today, don’t fret – we have got eyes on all of our incredible Dabblers. You might just want to take a peek into our Trending Tipsters section – you might just be the next big thing over there. 🥊

Drumroll, please! Welcoming the newest sensation to grace the Popular Punters section – is none other than the legendary Biggmarn! Biggmarn is practically royalty over here on Dabble, renowned for their love of UFC and Boxing. They certainly might just give MMAGod a run for their money. 😏

We are just being a silly goose today, don’t mind us - but currently Biggmarn is boasting a whopping 31,167 followers – yes, that is the exact count at this very moment. But we also know that followers aren’t everything – we currently live in 2023 and the days of counting followers are long gone, but hey, Biggmarn has already made an appearance on our Dabble site for an epic Multi Moment. Check it out here.

In honour of their second article let's take a trip down memory lane! Since May 19th, 2023, Biggmarn’s steered and extra 8,000 Dabblers onto their bandwagon! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! 🍗 That is a massive achievement, congrats Biggmarn!

One of Biggmarn’s superpowers? Nailing those bet descriptions, babyyy. We are big on words here at Dabble, and we totally dig a Dabbler who can spin a betting yarn. Just another reason as to why Dabble is so darn cool. Where else would you receive VIP access to these cool social betting features? We will wait! 🧨

Now, UFC and Boxing might be Biggmarn’s main gigs, but they have got a soft spot for other sports too. Footy (because, let’s face it, Australia does it best), NBA, NFL – talk about a Dabble all-rounder! Biggmarn conquered the Dabble games no sweat. One last nugget: Biggmarn’s super active on the Dabble app, so you have got endless fun waiting at your fingertips.

Here at Dabble, community support is our jam. You should know by now (and if you don’t then take this as your sign), that we absolutely love our lil community that has been fostered on our app. So, with that being said, we totes think that you should open the Dabble app on your phone and press that big ol’ follow button for Biggmarn.

Until next time, peace and love. Also, if you don’t have a Dabble account, click here.