Popular Punters - 145K Followers - AndrewBogut
App12 May 2023

145K Followers - AndrewBogut

Welcome backkk! We've got another gripping edition of Popular Punters for you. And this is the second chapter in the inter-sport rivalry between footy and basketball. In chapter one we discussed the most Popular Punter of all, former AFL star, LordHeathShaw. And now we are opening the door to the next chapter, which focuses on another Popular Punter on Dabble, former NBA and NBL star, AndrewBogut.

Yes, it seems like the AFL may have won this round – but don't despair basketball fans, AndrewBogut is closing in on LordHeathShaw, and is only about 10K followers behind. So, you know what to do...get following quick smart!

The total number of followers the former NBA star currently has on Dabble is almost at 145K, that’s a lot of followers! With that number of followers, we hope he uses his powers for good and not evil – we don't want to have another Joker situation on our hands, now do we...

There are many places you can find AndrewBogut in the Dabble app. You may be lucky enough to catch him in the Live Streams. But if you've stepped on a crack on the sidewalk and have been doomed for an eternity of bad luck, therefore missing him in the Live Streams, it's okay because you can still look up his profile.

We will give you one guess on the sport he likes to bet on the most. And no, it's not snooker. It's basketball, you silly sausage. He is pretty active with his bets, so as long as there's an NBA game on, he'll have some bets!

You can take a gander at his pending bets, highlights and last 10 bets. Its jam packed with basketball goodness. If Dabble is the bread, AndrewBogut would be the filling, but only the good kind, just like that sandwich you had that one time that you can't stop thinking about. Or even an ice cream sandwich – everyone likes an ice cream sandwich...

Okay, back on topic now (and also back from our lunch break, so no more food talk). The super AndrewBogut is stuff that dreams are made of, he is one of our most Popular Punters for a reason, he is a true legend of Australian sport, and us basketball fans need to get around him to boost his follow count to take down the one, the only, LordHeathShaw.

Imagine the scenes once that happens. As they say around the Dabble office, SLAY! That would totally get us in the feels, so we are waiting patiently until the day that happens. Until then we will sit here, refreshing AndrewBogut's profile every couple of minutes to see how many new followers there are.

Patience is not a virtue we possess (in case you couldn't already tell).