2023 NRL Season Preview
NRL20 Feb 2023

2023 Gold Coast Titans NRL Season Preview

The 2022 wasn’t a good season for the Titans, as have majority of the recent seasons. They finished in 13th place, and in their last five games of last season, they won three and lost two. The Titans will be looking to improve this season and they have made one key signing which will help, but will it be enough to push them into Finals contention?

Recruitment Report

The Titans really need a positive recruitment period this off-season to help boost them from near the bottom of the ladder, where they have finished for couple of seasons now. But it seems as though any plans that had of recruiting a number of big players didn’t turn out the way they would have hoped. The biggest player they recruited was Kieran Foran, and that is certainly a good signing.

In terms of who the Titans have lost for the 2023, Corey Thompson has retired, while they have lost a handful of players to the Dolphins, including Herman Ese'ese, Jamayne Isaako and Jarrod Wallace. Kevin Proctor also left midway through the 2022 season.

Ins: Kieran Foran, Chris Randall, Aaron Schoupp, Joe Stimson, Sam Verrills and Thomas Weaver

Outs: Herman Ese'ese, Jamayne Isaako, Sam Lisone, Esan Marsters, Greg Marzhew, Kevin Proctor, Will Smith, Corey Thompson and Jarrod Wallace

Key Player: Kieran Foran

It was the Titans biggest recruit of the off-season, and they will be resting a lot of their hopes in Kieran Foran, who will be their key player for 2023. Foran is on a two-year deal and will be looking to be the driving force that turns the Titans results around. His physical style of footy is well suited to this young team, so hopefully a trip to the Finals will be on the cards.

Rising Star: Thomas Weaver

Thomas Weaver is a very talented 19-year-old, who will be vying for a spot in the halves position. Weaver had a great season in the Queensland Cup, making his debut in 2022, as well as representing the Maroons in the U19 side. His consistent play last year has meant he has earned a spot in the Titans top 30 squad.

5 Key Matches To Watch

Match 1: Round 3, vs Storm, at Cbus Super Stadium (Sat, Mar 18, 3pm)

Match 2: Round 7, vs Broncos, at Cbus Super Stadium (Sat, Apr 15, 7:35pm)

Match 3: Round 8, vs Dolphins, at Suncorp Stadium (Sun, Apr 23, 2pm)

Match 4: Round 14, vs Rabbitohs, at Cbus Super Stadium (Sat, Jun 3, 5:30pm)

Match 5: Round 17, vs Broncos, at Suncorp Stadium (Sun, Jun 25, 2pm)

2023 NRL Season Expectations

Despite the key signing or Foran, Justin Holbrook still has a lot of work to do with his team. Defence is key this season, as they leaked 660 points across 24 games last season. Kieran Foran will certainly lift this squad, but with all the new signings, it will take time to build the chemistry needed to fight with the big players in the NRL. The Titans are getting there, but this won’t be their year, it’s unlikely that they will make the top eight.